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Le Roy appoints Hubers to new human resources associate VP role  February 8, 2013 – 01:00 pm
Human Resources Associate

President Le Roy appointed Todd Hubers, formerly director of human resources, Calvin’s first associate vice president for human resources last November.

Hubers’ position is a new one, but he comes to it with plenty of experience. Since coming to Calvin in 1994, Hubers has worked in many different departments of the college. He served as director of human resources beginning in 2004.

Hubers hopes to channel his passion for the Calvin community into his expanded role.

“I love working in higher education—especially at Calvin—and love the energy, ideas and commitment of the faculty, staff and students I get to work with. It is a pleasure to be able to serve them and to work to help provide a work environment in which they can thrive, ” he said.

As associate vice president of human resources, Hubers has similar duties to those of director, but now reports directly to the president. Hubers believes the change reflects Le Roy’s commitment to making the Calvin staff and faculty community a strong one.

“Having human resources on the President’s Cabinet provides another voice or avenue for faculty and staff to raise ideas or concerns and have them addressed by leaders at the college, ” he said.

Le Roy announced the change to faculty and staff in an email.

Source: Calvin College Chimes

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