What is copyrighted material?

How to Kill Your Business with One Email  February 17, 2012 – 11:57 am
First let me start by saying the following story was brought to my attention by my buddy Kimberly LeRiche owner of JKVirtual Office and Fan Page Marketing Magic. Why it’s important to give credit where credit is due will quickly become obvious.

The following is a story about a woman who screwed up. Bad. She thought she was right but was wrong, blew off the injured party and create a firestorm of bad publicity for her business. I don’t take pleasure in seeing someone decimate years of hard work but we can all learn a lot from what this woman’s multiple mistakes. So, let’s get started.

Kimberly posted a link to this story on Facebook, “The Day The Internet Threw A Righteous Hissyfit About Copyright And Pie”. You should read the whole article. It’s short and will only take a few minutes. For those who don’t, I’ll summarize. The editor/publisher of a small cooking magazine swiped a story about apple pie from the author’s website. Although the editor credited the author, she published the story without permission. When the author confronted the editor and asked for an apology and a donation of $130 to a journalism school, the editor replied with the following:

Source: eMarketing Strategist

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Pentium D drm

Microsoft Corp. and the entertainment industry's holy grail of controlling copyright through the motherboard has moved a step closer with Intel Corp. now embedding digital rights management within in its latest dual-core processor Pentium D and accompanying 945 chipsetOfficially launched worldwide on the May 26, the new offerings come DRM-enabled and will, at least in theory, allow copyright hol... assistant dean for strategy and innovation, IT faculty, Bill Caelli.
"It's a dual use technology. It's got uses and misuses. Intel has to answer what guarantees it is prepared to give that home users are safe from hackers. Not maybes, guarantees".
Caelli said it was "critical Intel comes clean" about how the current DRM technology is embedded into the new CPU and chipset offering.

In many cases yes.

Actually in most cases.
What they plan on doing is using technology that Google developed to scan and digitize the information into readable/searchable text. Then, they'll have people go through each text to ensure that puncuation and spelling is accurate.
A slew of university libraries are a part of this affair: Oxford, Stanford, Michigan, and Harvard, just to name a few will have all of most of their non-copyrighted materials scanned. Stanford is set to digitize all of their non-copyrighted materials, same with Michigan. Oxford plans on digitizing a lot of materials pre-dating 1900. And Harvard has agreed to 40,000 pieces in their collection before doing all non-copyrighted materials.

It's censorship

And anyone who remains a Comcast customer is putting money directly into the pockets of a corporation that will censor what they can view.
I understand the idea behind the ban. Torrents are quite often used to transmit copyrighted materials. But they're also used by legitimate websites to do downloads as well as by up and coming artists who choose to spread their work in order to build their rep rather than take 5% of the cut for thier CD/DVD/other.

How to License or Sell Your Invention with ForSaleByInventor.com  — Virtual-Strategy Magazine
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HTC files two counterclaims against Apple in Florida  — tuaw.com
Both patents were apparently licensed or sold to HTC through HPs program for selling intellectual property. Yes, you too can license or buy these patents, then go to court to sue anyone who seems to be even partially infringing on HP's your …

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