Simple explanation of Copyright Law

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Explanation of Copyright Law

ClearBox Rights is an Intellectual Property Management Company with a significant Southern Gospel presence. If you want to record a song from the publishing divisions of Daywind (Dianne Wilkinson, Kyla Rowland, Marty Funderburk, Ronny Hinson, Scotty Inman) or Crossroads (Sandy Knight, Mark Bishop, Daryl Williams), you would obtain your license from them and send them the royalties for distribution to writers and publishers.

Several months ago, they launched a blog that explains complex copyright issues in simple English. Several of these posts clear up common misconceptions and are worth taking a few minutes to read. “The Standard U.S. Mechanical License Ceiling is No Longer 9.1 Cents” explains that, although there are circumstances where you can get a compulsory license and pay the statutory rate, most of the time, a copyright owner could charge more than that if he or she wanted. (Most stick to 9.1 cents as a ceiling, some by choice, and some from a misunderstanding of the law.) 

Another post particularly worth reading is “How Long Does a Copyright Last? ” After a multi-decade drought of songs not entering the public domain because their copyrights keep getting extended, it looks like we are about five years away from the point when some of the Southern Gospel convention songs dating back to the 1920s will start entering the public domain.


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Biz trying to charge more $ right before service

Wife ordered several hundred dollars worth of services from a local company for an event we're having. We were given a quote over the phone and placed a deposit of roughly 1/3rd the quote at that time. A month later, 1 week from the date of service, the company charged the balance to our credit card. I called and confirmed we were paid in full. I called again yesterday to confirm everything So I have no choice but to pay the extra money. To me, this is, at best, bait and switch, or possibly extortion. I'm shocked this company would fight over $30 on an order already in the hundreds!
Obviously, the money isn't the real issue and it would be stupid to sue over $30. I just can't imagine this is in any way legal. Other than reporting them to the BBB(worthless), what can I do?

The politics of it:

Thanks for your comments. I think it is fair to ask political context. Here it is:-
I do want to continue to work at this place. I started only one month ago, and part of this dominant manager's behavior is control maneuvering.
"who is Dominant Manager trashing? You? Your underlings? "
Me. Some of the things he implied:-
-'We made a mistake with this' (bringing me onboar...up for myself.
I believe the DM Manager's behavior is control maneuvering to make him look my superior.
The client corporation does not care about internal politics of consulting/outsourcing firm. They value prompt service, crisp and proactive communication to resolve issues. One month is a short time, but I seem to be building good professional rapport with client managers/contacts.

Hybrid loan time bomb

January 2 2006
Hybrid Loan Time Bomb
The HeraldTribune is reporting the clock is winding down on the Hybrid Loan and Sub-Prime mortgage time bombs.
Starting in 2006 and accelerating into 2007, as much as $2.5 trillion worth of the fancy mortgages called "hybrids" are coming to the end of the free-lunch part of the deal. Economists are still trying to put numbers on this reset ...l, chief economist at Chicago-based Northern Trust.
With possibly $2.5 trillion in household debt that is going to be repriced higher "the household debt-service ratio is bound to climb to new highs," Kasriel wrote last month. "Asset bubbles are characterized by cheap credit. Usually what bursts a bubble is higher cost of credit, because that is what inflates the bubble, is cheap credit."

How to License or Sell Your Invention with  — Virtual-Strategy Magazine
This new web site's goal is to make licensing and selling Intellectual Property for the individual inventor and entrepreneur much easier and cost-effective. The site has a private, industry-only section for inventors to exclusively offer their …

HTC files two counterclaims against Apple in Florida  —
Both patents were apparently licensed or sold to HTC through HPs program for selling intellectual property. Yes, you too can license or buy these patents, then go to court to sue anyone who seems to be even partially infringing on HP's your …

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