Selling relational capital

The Sexless in the City Writing Contest  April 17, 2016 – 10:28 am
Test your relational capital Update: Extended deadline and contest now open to college students! See below for details.
t’s been too long since I’ve had a contest on this blog, so in honor of the high school journalists I’m addressing this week, I’ve decided to host the first-ever Sexless writing contest!
Winners in each category will be featured and promoted as guest bloggers on this site, so you are encouraged to research old posts to get a feel for the blog.
Categories (enter up to 2):
  1. Use of metaphor: These essays will find a particular object or situation and use it as a metaphor to shed light on some situation or phenomenon in relationships. Examples: Love like malaria and When to keep the flame alive.
  2. Interpretation of a song, book or movie: These essays will reveal what a particular cultural product "teaches" us about dating/relationships/love/what-have-you. The strongest entries will embody a good mix of satire and seriousness. Examples: Jim, Help Yourself, Let Me in Your Life, Stitched Up, The Long Way Around. Note: Entries featuring a song, book or movie already analyzed on this blog will be disqualified.

Source: Sexless in the City

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Taken from wiki

In 1997, Baez graduated from St. Thomas University Law School and applied to become a lawyer. In April 1998, Florida Board of Bar Examiners which examines prospective lawyers denied him practice of law and refused to grant the license for the next eight years. The Florida Supreme Court agreed with the decision and issued an order in 2000 citing unpaid bills, including his child support payments ... to media reports, his financial situation deteriorated in the recent years, with his home purchased for over $670,000 in 2007, foreclosed and appraised at $272,900.[3] Demonstrating he had rehabilitated himself, Florida Bar Association granted him license to practice law in 2005.[1] Baez speaks Spanish and Portuguese. He employs one more lawyer, an investigator and a paralegal at this law firm.

Let me cut you to the quick on this...

The best way to get targeted leads for your business is with a website full of unique, keyword-focused content pages that are closely related to your business. Find out what keywords related to your business people are searching for information about, then simply create excellant content that answers their questions. The better you can do that - the higher you will be ranked in search engine res... supply it on a website - I can give you some tips there too because that's actually where most fail. People make building a high trafficked website WAY more difficult than it has to be.
I have no experience with HTML, website building, search engine optimization, graphics, ect. yet my littel 65 page two-year-old site is already ranked in the top 3% of all 57 million websites and climbing.

Yes and no

Have been making notes on your question all day because it is an important question and I have in-depth knowledge... but hesitant to share it. Tell me if I'm wrong.
There are two scenarios. One, I built the screen printing factory for my teenage kids to have a business that would give them enough money to buy their cars, go to concerts, get 'threads' that fit the crowd, their music... and...ustomer-capital" title="Selling customer capital">selling customer required designs? Will you be selling your own designs?
Once I hear from you on these two vital questions I will continue to share my know-how with you. Such as, do you setup a screen printing facility yourself, or farm them out. Or, do you buy printed shirts and simply sell them on eBay or store to store. Etc.


I work in advertising. Guess what? when the economy goes down, the demand for advertsising goes up. Why? because selling becomes more of a challenge, thus the demand for good design, marketing, and know-how in this area becomes greatly in demand. Thus, I'll be just fine. I wasn't touched in the last financial crisis. In fact, I did allright. The Issue with China is far more complex. They only in...ere is less new RE investment from China than in the last 2 years . They arent stupid. They realize perfectly well that the good times for the RE markets are now peaking, thus the investments are far more risky. Yes, they will continue to invest in the US.. but not RE. That will bring us back to where I started, which is the US RE market will, and is going to go in a downward spiral any day now.

How to License or Sell Your Invention with  — Virtual-Strategy Magazine
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Capital Equipment Sales VS. Reagent Sales
Capital Equipment Sales VS. Reagent Sales

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