Selling corporate intellectual property

The best way to protect your Intellectual Property – Computers – Security  January 13, 2010 – 02:26 pm

There are many ways to protect your intellectual property. Especially if it is in the form of codes that form programs and applications to be run on machines designed on .NET then .NET Obfuscator is the best bet to protect your intellectual property. There are many other legislations and ways and means to protect your works against piracy laid down by the Federal from time to time. Its time we examine them and check which one of them will be the best in our arena of operation.

Copyright is one of the options that can be exercised while you are looking to protect your intellectual property built after working in dramatics, musical or literary works. It is symbolized by “” which means exclusive rights. Thus the person who holds the copyright act for a particular work will have the right to benefit financially and would be able to give permissions for the work to be used in any form anywhere.

A Patent is the exclusionary right given by the government or the authorized authority to an inventor for a particular duration of time. This is generally used for an invention that should not be copied in nay form by a third party. Patent cannot be granted on mere suggestions as actual work needs to be performed to have a patent in your name.

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Intellectual property. It has...

... the word "intellectual" right in the title!
But seriously, although there's not a great answer to this question, patent law is somewhat stimulating, in at least two respects:
1. I started my career in a large, busy patent practice. The lawyers who did what I did -- all the stuff between writing a patent application and getting it issued -- were doing "real work" as soon as they s...e same. The legal issues are generally the same from patent application to patent application, sure. In fact, by the time you're done with your first year or two of patent drafting (in a sufficiently busy firm), you've pretty much seen all the main legal issues. But the technology changes from one application to the other, and that keeps life interesting. If you like that sort of thing...

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