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Internet, reporting with a software code addition.  November 10, 2011 – 01:31 pm
Reporting Tool Software

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Notice to all Avon Spammers

You don't seem to care that you are violating Craigslist terms of use maybe you'll care about this. You are actually violating Avon's website terms and conditions when you spam here and link to it. I think we should all start reporting you to Avon when you link to your store and your name on their site. Click terms and conditions on the Avon site. Here you go spammers. Check the obscenity clause...onal material, "junk mail," "spam," "chain letter," "pyramid scheme" or investment opportunity, or any other form of solicitation that is not expressly approved by AVON in advance.
Any personally identifiable information of another individual, without the prior consent of such individual.
Any material, non-public information about a company, without the proper authorization to do so.

AMA Women's Rights article about Afghan women (1998)

Some people accuse the Left of supporting the Taliban and/or not supporting women's rights in Afghanistan because they might question our current course in that area.
Well, the Left is way ahead of those that think that. Here is an article on the AMA site from 1998:
Women's Health and Human Rights in Afghanistan
Zohra Rasekh, MPH; Heidi M. Bauer, MD, MPH, MS; M. Michele Manos, ...termined using Fisher exact test; Yates correction 2 was used for all others. For cross tabulations with greater than 2 rows, statistical significance was determined using Pearson 2. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used for statistical comparison of means and the Kruskal-Wallis test was used for comparison of medians. For all statistical determinations, significance levels were established at P

NSA warrantless surveillance and your IP traffic

AT&T technician Mark Klein learned of a secret room installed in the company's San Francisco internet switching center ... what he saw and learnt prompted him to call at the Electronic Frontier Foundation unannounced in late January 2005 with documents in hand. The EFF was already preparing a class-action lawsuit against AT&T for allegedly turning over customer phone-record data to the NSA -- re...not just AT&T but those transiting AT&T networks.
Want to check to see of your Internet packets are being "sniffed" by AT&T.
First. A little history.
Way back when, Bill Gates was designing a BASIC instruction set he (along with everybody else until Microsoft introduced Compiled or CBasic) which was interpretive. That means it took each line of code and processed it.

Clint Curtis story summary (attn AmercaInc)

A summary of the key points in the story so far…

Based on the Reporting of Brad Friedman

(For a list of key articles in this series, see
On December 6th, 2004 , The BRAD BLOG ( published a sworn affidavit by Florida software programmer Clint Curtis. In his affidavit and videotaped sworn testimony presented before members of the ...rt by vowing to choose Presidential electors for George W. Bush regardless of whether a court-ordered recount showed that Gore won Florida . He eventually ascended to the U.S. Congress and today sits on the House Judiciary Committee. Although he was outspent two to one by his Democratic opponent in 2002, Feeney beat him handily at the polls and then ran unopposed for the same seat in 2004.

KGHM eyes Kazakhstan to boost output  — Reuters
In February, Germany and Kazakhstan signed a co-operation deal designed to give German firms greater access to raw materials in exchange for technology and know-how. (Reporting by Wojciech Zurawski; Writing by Maciej Onoszko; Editing by Dan Lalor) …

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Reporting and Metrics with Klocwork Review
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How to Report on Database Health with Toad for Oracle

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