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SmartDrive and DriveCam Settle Intellectual Property Dispute  December 22, 2012 – 12:07 pm
Computer Crime & Intellectual

SmartDrive Systems and DriveCam, Inc. have agreed to resolve all outstanding patent litigation and trade secret claims between the companies concerning their respective products. As part of the settlement, SmartDrive and DriveCam also have agreed to cross-license patents. All other terms of the settlement will remain confidential but will allow each party to serve their clients’ needs without any legal conflict interfering with a clients’ choice of the best product and services to meet its needs, according to SmartDrive CEO Steve Mitgang.


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Fallout, and on to Iraq

Argentina experienced more fallout as well that threatens to spread. Its soybean monoculture affects the countryside hugely. Traditional farmers close to soybean ones are seriously harmed by aerial Roundup spraying. Their crops are destroyed as that's how this herbicide works. It kills all plants without gene-modified resistance. It also kills animals with farmers reporting their chickens died a... "Farmers shall be prohibited from re-using seeds of protected varieties or any variety" the edict covered. It gave plant varieties patent holders absolute rights over farmers' using their seeds for 20 years. They'd be genetically engineered, owned by transnationals, and Iraqi farmers using them had to sign an agreement stipulating they'll pay a "technology fee" as well as an annual license fee.

GMO is to control you

We don't need it, other methods give better results. What it does accomplish is PATENT PROTECTION so that corporations gain control of seed, feed and food. Don't grow your own, the government will lock you up for "theft".
Does mention of allergen-free peanuts, striga-resistant cowpeas, salt-resistant wheat, beta-carotene rich sweet potatoes, virus-resistant cassavas make you think of GM?<...tories can end up being claimed as GM breakthroughs!
A classic instance is provided by the UK Government's former chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, who has repeatedly used non-GM breakthroughs as evidence of why we need to embrace GM. In one case, King claimed a big crop yield increase in Africa was due to GM, when it did not involve the use of any GM technology at all. On another

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In February, Germany and Kazakhstan signed a co-operation deal designed to give German firms greater access to raw materials in exchange for technology and know-how. (Reporting by Wojciech Zurawski; Writing by Maciej Onoszko; Editing by Dan Lalor) …

The Neat Company NeatReceipts Scanalizer Professional 2.5 Mobile Scanner and Software
CE (The Neat Company)
  • Easiest way to manage expenses, prepare for taxes, create expense reports and scan business cards--accepted by the IRS
  • Scans permanent digital copies of all your financial papers
  • You can keep track of all types of documents and pull them up as needed with the new Document Organizer feature
  • Works with QuickBooks, Quicken, MS Money, Excel, PDF, Act!, and Peachtree
  • Includes NeatReceipts software and a lightweight, color, portable scanner, USB interface
Quick Trip Into Town
Quick Trip Into Town
Standard Microsystems (Nasdaq: SMSC) 1Q FY2012 Financial Results, Beats Estimates
Standard Microsystems (Nasdaq: SMSC) 1Q FY2012 Financial Results, Beats Estimates
Nabu Press Designs Rules, 1908. Patents Rules, 1908. And Register Of Patent Agents Rules, 1908...
Book (Nabu Press)
Book (HMSO)
Iomega 35944 StorCenter px4-300r 4 Bay (4 x 3 TB) 12TB Server Class Series Network Storage Array
Personal Computer (Iomega)
  • Server Class hard drives are used to ensure higher reliability and performance.
  • Data Replication / Device to Device Data Copy Jobs:
  • iSCSI target provides block-level access for the most efficient storage utilization. It can be used in parallel with file-level storage access via CIFS/NFS. Includes...
  • Powerful Backup Functionality
  • Total Data Protection: Native security support, Encrypted Volume, User Quotas and RSA BSAFE
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty with product registration. Additional warranty options available.
  • Video Surveillance Camera: Built in support for up to 10 UPnP as will as hosting and software support compatibility
  • Virtualization, certified for Citrix XenServer 5.6, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2, VMware vSphere 5.0 which makes Iomega the...

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