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MACPA Launches Transparency and Best Practices Organization  August 27, 2017 – 02:05 am
Document Sample In an effort to bring an organized source for best practices in financial reporting, the Maryland Association of CPA’s has formed the Center for Transparency, Performance Management and Accountability. The Center hopes to elevate the innovation and development of structured financial reporting.

Structured financial data is already being used successfully to increase transparency and reduce costs at the SEC, FDIC, Oregon, Nevada and by governments around the world. The Maryland Association of CPAs has pioneered its own application of XBRL internally and is now working with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on an XBRL taxonomy for Not-for-Profits. The MACPA also provided its case study to Chairman Issa and Congress in support of the DATA Act.

The Center recently held their first collaboration session, seeking to answer problems such as performance management, and the transparency of Government Financial Reporting. MACPA will be holding a two-hour XBRL Thought Leader Symposium on Tuesday, June 26, 2012. City Biz List has moreinformation.

[A] group of global experts will present updates on all of the key areas where XBRL and structured data are making a difference in areas like government reporting, healthcare, financial accounting standards, and innovative performance management applications…

Source: Expert in Financial Solutions

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Number of federal teleworkers hits all-time high  —
In addition, an updated version of the governmentwide reporting requirements contained in the Guide to Human Resources Reporting (GHRR) was recently published. OPM will begin collecting pilot data in late summer and begin the work of establishing data …

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