How to sell intellectual capital?

Pricing Intellectual Property- The Rule of Eight  September 11, 2011 – 12:45 pm
Perspectives on Intellectual

It’s exciting when our clients first learn that their intellectual property (IP) is; a) a capital asset and; b) can be capitalized using our sale license-back (SLB) process. Not surprisingly, the next question is- what’s my IP worth? In the case of patents, here’s a benchmark that Carthage Intellectual Capital uses. Multiply the annual research and development (R&D) expenses times eight. The result is a useful first estimate of the value of your total patent IP portfolio. Hence the name, the Rule of Eight.

The Rule of Eight is not a guarantee of IP value. But it reflects the principle that enterprises create IP today to be useful for an extended period of time. Carthage’s experience is that, on average, the financially useful life of IP is around eight years. The number eight is not merely coincidental; the behavior of patent centric companies anticipates it.

Consider the typical company that relies on patents to make, use or sell its goods and services. A patent’s legal life is 20 years from its priority date. It usually takes 2-3 years for the patent office to examine and issue a patent. That leaves an effective legal life of 17-18 years. Because technology improves over time, patent producing companies continue R&D spending to invent the improvements. Once a patent expires, it is logical that a patent reliant company will likely replace it with a new patented invention.

Source: Carthage Intellectual Capital Management

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Okay, here are two great sources of income that

Have worked out for me.
Not sure how you handle hard work, but I'm serious about the landscaping thing. You can take an online course in small engines etc for about 700 and be finished in 9 months so you can repair your own equipment. Buy some used equipment and basic insurance. Read about plants in your area, read about types of grasses and the care required to maintain them. There are many books on this. I try to put cards in lawns that don't look well kept. You can take out a loan of 5 g's or less to cover these expenses.
Also, sell things on ebay. I buy name brand clothing and other items from goodwills and thrift stores and sell them for ten times the price online. For example, spend 60 bucks at goodwill and sell for 650. You just have to know what to look for.

My vacation to springfield has made me so.......

my family is crazy. and that's why i moved 2,000 miles away.
the good part of my vacation was all of the good (and extremely cheap) vintage stuff i scored at the local salvation army and goodwills.
if i still lived in springfield illinois, i've decided that i would make my living off of e-bay. no one realizes the value of the some of the stuff i was finding. i had to... like a child, so i told them i did *need* an explanation, and i expected one.
well, that was the last night there, and from then on, our trip was terrible. i really didn't want it to end on a bad note, so that was the reason i needed to know WHY my mom wasn't going to be in the pictures. how terrible. everyone started screaming and yelling, whilst my b.f. was downstairs.
bad times.

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Let's estimate this using the most inclusive definition of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, business know-how, and other secret sauce. Relationship to Market Capitalization. An oft-cited statistic …

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