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Is HR Bad for Innovation?  February 12, 2013 – 11:04 pm
Document Sample scope of work template. Human ResouRces. Line of Business
HR often gets a bad rap when it comes to innovation. We care about consensus, for one thing. We tend to be careful and cautious, for another. In HR, risk often feels more dangerous than interesting. The notion of disruption excites product and marketing managers, but in human resources, we spent a great deal of our energy on avoiding disruption—so why would we borrow trouble?
Innovation seems to require leaps of intuition, something of a maverick mindset, and a real willingness to take on r...

Source: Human Capital League

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Funny you should ask....

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In a new message on her personal Web site, the homemaking expert also says she is being treated fairly by staff and other inmates at the federal women's prison in Alderson, West Virginia.
"As you would expect, ..., contrary to rumors you might have heard, my daily interactions with the staff and fellow inmates here at Alderson are marked by fair treatment and mutual respect."
Shares of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the media company Stewart founded, have more than doubled since she was sentenced in July and have traded recently near $20 -- its highest level since the stock scandal broke in 2002.

Hate to see people being taken advantage of

I hate to see people being taken advantage of.It is so hard to know if the CL posting is genuine and honest, let alone taking a chance in driving 5 hrs. to get it.Flagging and reporting to CL is the best way WE ALL CAN collectively do to stop this type of thing.
On the other hand, I continue to get my best sewing machines from goodwill and even CL ---However knowledge of the machine's dura... for $450 at an online antique sewing machine site. I even downloaded a free "service manual" for it, so now I have that and the original 404 manual. It sews like a charm! excellent stitches. Anyone thinking of buying a straight stitch machine without fancy "today" features, think about the singer models from the 300, 400 and 500 series. You won't ever have to buy another machine again for life!

Getting Off My Knees

Despite the criticism I unleashed last week regarding the “Back to Work Program” at Goodwill Industries, I have changed my attitude towards this so-called charity and will forevermore write and speak highly of this institution that has rescued me from all my despair.
Just getting up at the crack of dawn and reporting somewhere before the roosters and cackling hens of corporate America I am part of society again—no longer wasting my time in the heavily wooded sections of Prospect Park—sucking off strangers just to get something warm in my stomach!
Poverty is hell, but there are ways to survive on this $170 in food stamps the state of New York offers to battered queers. One must attend mandated programs, like that at Goodwill Industries if they want food stamps though.

Props to Intellectual Property  — E-Commerce Times
Let's estimate this using the most inclusive definition of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, business know-how, and other secret sauce. Relationship to Market Capitalization. An oft-cited statistic …

A Guide to the Investigation and Reporting of Hazardous Occurrences
Book (Human Resources Development Canada)

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