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Three things that have been in the news recently, one on a national level, one on a state level, and one on a local level make no sense to me. Here are, in brief (and a lawyer is never brief), are my 3 conundrums

1. An Episcopalian doctor, a Jewish nurse, and a Muslim custodian work at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor and an Episcopalian doctor, a Jewish nurse and a Muslim custodian work at St. Joseph’s Hospital several miles away in Ypsilanti. Both doctors, both nurses, and both custodians make the same income as the other and have the same employer paid health insurance. Both hospitals charge Blue Cross the same for the services provided by these employees. It makes no sense to me that because St. Joe’s is owned by a Catholic corporation and U of M is owned by a public corporation there should be any difference in the providing of contraception health insurance coverage.

Congress voted in the historic Affordable Health Care law that to protect women’s health contraceptive medical and pharmaceutical services must be provided in mandated insurance coverage. The overwhelming majority of American Catholic women, in the same percentage as all American women, are reported to use contraceptive

Source: The Good Word

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Hey, someone who appears to have READ the book!

That's a pretty good explanation, as far as I'm concerned.
The claim that Sam Harris "supports all forms of torture" is a ridiculous calumny.
Is torture an ethical problem? Absolutely. Is collateral damage an ethical problem? Absolutely. But to pretend that we have simple solutions to these questions taking into account the realities of our world is false and unhelpful.
As Sam ...idealized cases, you don’t have a categorical argument against the use of torture. As nuclear and biological terrorism become increasingly possible, it is in everyone’s interest for men and women of goodwill to determine what should be done if a person appears to have operational knowledge of an imminent atrocity (and may even claim to possess such knowledge), but won’t otherwise talk about it."

ME3 Extended Cut... From a disenfranchised fan

It did good.
I was far from a fan of the original endings to ME3. To be frank, I abhorred them. I actually lost sleep when it was all over and said and done with. How could a company that had exemplified mastery of the art of storytelling blow it all in the last 20 minutes of a game?! Well they did, and critical mass hit the fan in a big way, but (thankfully) Bioware reacted.
Since m...ou can't half-ass an ending to a beloved franchise. Closure and proper following of expected narratives are important! Ending is paramount! I still shake my head as to why they chose to follow the Matrix/Contact route after all of the backlash those received.
I just wish that what I saw the other night is what I had seen the original time I played it.
Bioware's fate is yet to come...


You must be one of those guys that picks up his bat and ball and goes home when he gets pushed...
Why can you attack my story with total cynicism and disrespect, and I make a simple question and you run...
The fact is, all the Scientific Explanation cannot make you love God or experience Joy.
You have to just trust. Let it ride. What do you have to lose?
Do you know the or very Core! It makes us angry, Bitter, Cynical, Frustrated....
Then the day you read and FINALLY GRASP.."As Far As the East Is From The West..So Far have I removed your transgressions from you" You have that Goodwill Hunting Moment...I'ts Not Your Fault...etc... You Truly feel Wiped Clean and free...
You will screw up tomorrow, but you will be better equiped to deal with sin.

The catch unfortunately

Is that this means the gameplan is to try and explain the plothole ridden mess of an ending they originally came up with.
I'm glad it's free, that shows a lot of goodwill on their part. But I don't know how productive "explanation" will be towards satisfying the masses. If the focus is mostly on closure with your companions, then they may have a fighting chance (it worked for equally nonsensical LOST afterall).

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Let's estimate this using the most inclusive definition of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, business know-how, and other secret sauce. Relationship to Market Capitalization. An oft-cited statistic …

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