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Making amends: why do patents and trade marks differ?  June 10, 2011 – 02:35 pm
Unless you work for the
opular press, it's not hard
to tell a patent from a trade
mark.  What's more, they
even behave differently
From the IPKat's learned friend Douglas Campbell (Three New Square) comes a question which, this Kat confesses, he has never really thought about at all until now. Douglas explains the context of  his query as follows:
"If you are amending a patent in UK legal proceedings, and the amendment in question involves rewriting of claims rather than deletion of existing claims, the received wisdom is that you have to apply for your amendment before the trial or else you’re too late. See eg Terrell on the Law of Patents 15-99 to 15-111, and in particular 15-111 (deleting existing claims after trial is never a problem, because the existing claims have always been there and the public has always known about them).

Source: The IPKat

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Christopher Hitchens

The Chorus and Cassandra
Christopher Hitchens
Grand Street Magazine, Autumn 1985
In his imperishable Treatise on the Art of Political Lying, published in 1714, Dr. John Arbuthnot laid down a standard for falsifiers and calumniators that has yet to be excelled:
Detractory or defamatory lies should not be quite opposite to the qualities the person is supposed to have. Thu...f it. And it must be an awed attitude to the new style -- a willingness to demonstrate flexibility in the face of so much pelf and so much cant -- that allows so many people to join in ridiculing him for doing so. As a philosophical anarchist, Chomsky might dislike to have it said that he had 'done the state some service,' but he a useful citizen in ways that his detractors are emphatically not.

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The hate that dare not speak its name
Black Racism
By Ying Ma
In what passes for discussions on race these days, small problems are often blown up large, while real traumas are completely ignored. For instance, despite what President Clinton’s 'Race Initiative' panel has said, the very rawest racial conflicts in present-day America don’t even fit into the tidy mold of white-maj...they face, or what kind of racism is dragging them down. Recognizing the complex issues between blacks and Asians, Philip Nguyen of the Southeast Asian Community Center has a simple proposal: 'Fight, not against or for any group, but against racial discrimination.'
Ying Ma, who immigrated to the United States in 1985, is a research associate at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York

Defining Terrorism

Defining Terrorism
By Phillip Cryan
'Terrorism' may be the most important, powerful word in the world right now. In the name of doing away with terrorism, the United States is bombing Afghanistan and talking about possible attacks elsewhere. Political leaders from many countries are at once declaring support for the new U.S. war and seeking to re-name their own enemies as 'terrorists...001;
'U.S. Interventions in Latin America' by Mark Rosenfelder, on October 15, 2001;
'Lessons from History: U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan, 1978-2001' by Reyko Huang, Center for Defense Information Terrorism Project, on October 15, 2001;
'U.S. May Use Military in Hemisphere' Associated Press October 16, 2001;
'Defining 'Terrorism'' by Nick Cooper, on October 15, 2001.

About jack

This is long, but interesting:
by Rob Walker
Post date 06.07.01 | Issue date 06.11.01
A recent issue of Publishers Weekly featured a two-page advertising spread touting 'the year's most eagerly anticipated book.' The promised $1 million marketing onslaught apparently will include national TV and radio spots, appearances on CNBC...If Welch picked the perfect time to take control of a company whose success would be measured by shareholder value, Immelt may have picked the worst.
On the cover of Jack, Welch wears a friendly grin, a cream-colored sweater, and the look of a man who figures his record speaks for itself. He is ready to talk from the gut, to explain his success, to share his secrets. Some of them, anyway.

Props to Intellectual Property  — E-Commerce Times
Let's estimate this using the most inclusive definition of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, business know-how, and other secret sauce. Relationship to Market Capitalization. An oft-cited statistic …

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