Explanation of non-physical resources

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I have to admit that when I slip out of my vortex in a big way, I sometimes find it hard to go super general in my focus, as suggested by Abraham, as a way back into a better vibration.  Abraham creates a great case for having the confidence that you can, no matter what, conjure the “feeling better” before what you are waiting for actually happens. The suggestion is that you can get general enough in your thoughts about things in your life, even if you have to appreciate the weather, your comfortable bed, that your body is working, that you have some food in your refrigerator, or other basic things that are working in your life, to find the essence of the feeling of what you want. And, when you do, you will have created a vibrational vortex or grid that will fill in the details to support that good vibration that you’ve accomplished every time.

When I’ve let myself get knocked out of my vortex, I do look around for things that are working in my life as a way back into that sweet spot, and can usually accomplish the shift into a better feeling place. But sometimes, when I’ve created something that I’m choosing to look at as huge

Source: Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing

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Found it, kinda lame unless you're a historian

Dear Stephanie:
The official explanation for the number, which is not entirely coterminous with the REAL explanation, is that 33 signifies two things: the year Prohibition was repealed (1933), and the number of words in the legend printed above the number on cans and returnable bottles. I quote:
"Rolling Rock from glass lined tanks in the Laurel Highlands. We tender this premium beer... beer lovers for generations, and accordingly has become the stuff of barroom legend. I have letters claiming that the number has something to do with a satanic ritual, that it was the age of Christ when he died, even that it signifies the number of glass-lined tanks in the Latrobe plant.
Tres bizarre, but if M. Tito is to be believed, not quite as bizarre as the truth.

Does this sum up Carly F. and her ilk

"The main reason for my observation is the
idiotic idea that you can separate management skills from technical
skills and train and brings up some sort of universal manager that can
manage anything and everything. Currently, we are in the process of
massive replacement of old type of managers - those that led western
technological advance for the past half of the ce...s that are for some time on this track have recognized
that despite huge expenses and very strict process of stuff evaluation
(in many cases intimidation is the right word) are not able to produce
anything useful. And they start the process of outsourcing to the
countries where people still think straight and are not infected with
the virus of universal management."

Props to Intellectual Property  — E-Commerce Times
Let's estimate this using the most inclusive definition of intellectual property: patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, customer lists, business know-how, and other secret sauce. Relationship to Market Capitalization. An oft-cited statistic …

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