Explain What is copyright law

On your learning journal – Research and explain each of the following legal implications of legislation on using sources for your interactive product: Copyright Law Intellectual Property Photo Permissions  June 30, 2017 – 12:12 am
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There are three different types of legal implications


  • Copyright law
  • Photo permissions
  • Intellectual property



What is copy right law?

Copyright law is a set of rules that the person who owns the picture creates, including the rule to copy. No-one can copy a photo unless the owner of the picture allows people to copy it. Copyright law allows them to have the decisions on whether they want their worked copied.



Photo permissions

Photo permissions are when you personally ask the author if you can use their photo for a something you might be doing for example a project.

Intellectual property

This deals with people who create original work. This contains covers of everything original like poems, photos, novels.

Intellectual property enables creators of work to know their own property is safe and that nobody else’s uses it and takes the credit for your work.

Source: Jodie Howard

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