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Calculating Your Company’s Goodwill Value  March 28, 2011 – 11:47 pm
Assume that Company ABC wants

When meeting business owners, evaluating their financial statements and suggesting an asking prices for their companies, I am frequently faced with a big astonishment appearing on the owners’ faces. For some companies, the asking price I suggest is very close to the net book value of  the assets. Business owners are understandably surprised to hear that all the hard work they have put on their businesses for so many years has no value at all. What about the reputation, the customer lists, the relationships,  the employees, the know-how, the brand name, the experience and all the key success factors that have helped the owner make a decent living for all the past years? is it normal that all these assets have no value? What about goodwill. What is the value of this goodwill? How do you calculate it?

First lets understand what Goodwill is. In financial terms, Goodwill is the difference between the company value and the value of its tangible assets net of liabilities. You estimate the total company value and then you deduct the liabilities and the net book value of all tangible assets and the remaining (if any) is the value of Goodwill. In some circumstances the company value is less than its asset book value, so there is no goodwill value remaining.

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Good points, thanks

I was rolling your reply around in my mind overnight and came up with these thoughts for you to consider:
1. Is petroleum a product of the decay and geologic metamorphosis of vegetation from an earlier time (making it a substance of certifiably organic origins?), or is it one of those compounds such as seawater that formed as part of the formation of the planet? Some people are of the opin...the past 100 years from a petroleum-based economy? And, if so, by whom? How many more examples of such conflicting ideology are there if I dig a little deeper?
I also understand that those who have profited from fossil fuels are well-entrenched in the mechanics of our government, and just as any species concerned about its future, they will do many things to preserve their own interests...

The Psychological Value of Gun Ownership

Monday's Supreme Court decision on guns allows citizens to challenge city and state regulations that curtail their Second Amendment right to bear arms. This is an important ruling because it shores up the Constitution at a time when the Obama administration is testing it in more than one way. But it is also important psychologically for millions of Americans
The right to bear arms is a cri...r way of life and our safety from oppression comes without the tremendous responsibilities and moral complexities of wielding force. The same people who passively pay taxes that put tanks on the streets and fighter jets in the skies over our enemies' nations can cringe at the idea of owning guns themselves — projecting their survival instincts onto an all-powerful father figure (the state)

(continued) Why do we tolerate a system that

Causes people to suffer? Because we have an uncaring society? Because some are benefitted and others are not- particularly not those who have little say in how things operate?
Why are sufferers willing to accept the psychiatric model? Because they want so much to believe in the goodwill of the society that has screwed them in the first place? Psychiatry certainly numbs the pain, but the "
There should also be people on the "other side" (people who personally benefit from the way the society is set up) who can recognize the need for change and figure out ways of supporting oppressed persons instead of BLAMING them.
It is possible that "psychiatric patients", if they can ditch society's definition of them, could become the visionaries to lead us to a better future!

What does the word grace mean to you???

Is grace a meaningful word in your life???
Has any person ever given or shown you grace???
I have included the definition:
grace (grs)
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3. A sense of fitness or propriety.
a. A disposition to be g...r Your as a title and form of address for a duke, duchess, or archbishop.
11. Music An appoggiatura, trill, or other musical ornanment in the music of 16th and 17th century England.
tr.v. graced, grac·ing, grac·es
1. To honor or favor: You grace our table with your presence.
2. To give beauty, elegance, or charm to.
3. Music To embellish with grace notes

Benevolence .....

Be·nev·o·lent /bəˈnɛvələnt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[buh-nev-uh-luhnt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. characterized by or expressing goodwill or kindly feelings: a benevolent attitude; her benevolent smile.
2. desiring to help others; charitable: gifts from several benevolent alumni.
3. intended be so much more than humans that we can't truly compare the two, and yet the example of the rancher belies your entire premise.
The rancher knows that some of the horses will suffer and die, he/she knows that some will have to be killed personally, yet the rancher breeds them anyway. That in no way negates the fact that the horses are loved, nor does it nullify the ranchers benevolence.

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