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Major Credit Reporting Agency  September 14, 2016 – 04:23 pm
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But he's misinterpreting "fair use"

Fair Use doesn't mean that you can take material covered by a copyright, simply because you bought a copy, and then proceed to freely distribute copies of that work to anyone for the asking. A Supreme Cout ruling in the Sony Betamax case decided, however, that recording material covered by copyright for personal, home use is covered by the "fair use" doctrine.
Copyright law is covered
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding
of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the
above factors.
I can find nothing in section 107 that allows anyone to usurp the rights of the original author and freely distribute works covered by a copyright, thus depriving the copyright holder of income deriving from their works.

Got a threatening letter from Comcast

Anyone ever get one of these? I have NO IDEA what this file is that they claim I jacked. I don't do napster type stuff.
Do they really go around threatening people and terminating services over a single mp3? That's boogered if they do... but what's worse in a way... I didn't DO IT, and I'm getting threatened.
These monopolists piss me off.
Dear Comcast High-Speed Internet Subsc...fication of claimed infringement:
Infringing Work : Bartender
Filename : t-pain-bartender_(feat _akon).mp3=20
Filename : t-pain-bartender_(feat _akon).mp3=20
First found (UTC): 2011-05-13T07:29:29.79Z
Last found (UTC): 2011-05-13T07:33:58.84Z
Filesize : 6998016 bytes=20
IP Port: 9703
Network: Ares
Protocol: Ares =20

I'll plus 1 this

Not because I think Verk is trying to be the "sole keeper of morality on CL", but because I do think that sometimes, some of us do assume the worst in people's intentions.
Like you said, no where did the OP say anything about commercial DVD's. For all we know, it could be his wedding DVD, or his kid's graduation DVD, and he wants to cut MP4 clips out of it to post to YouTube or email to hi...lear. But here's the catch: It is UNLAWFUL for someone to TRAFFIC IN technology that can be used to circumvent technological copyright protection systems.
So it's still a gray area, but the Supreme Court is finally waking up to the catch 22 between Fair Use and the DMCA, and is gaining some sense.
What the OP asked was different from "where can I download commercial DVD's for free".

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