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Ricoh makes strategic SA investment  July 22, 2012 – 11:55 am
Organisational Capital: Modelling, Measuring and Contextualising

Ricoh has made a number of strategic investments into into South Africa, with as much as R180-million being made available to strengthen the company’s operations and customer services.

There are three new initiatives; the launch of Ricoh Capital South Africa; an optimised supply chain process and infrastructure enhancements.

Ricoh Capital South Africa, with about R80-milion available initially, will provide clients with the option to take on leases or service contracts and enjoy all the benefits of Ricoh solutions without capital outlay. They will also have the convenience of managing their entire document solution including service and software into one regular payment.

Ricoh Capital has designed its offerings to support the specific needs of Ricoh customers and focuses on its core business areas of office solutions, production printing and managed document services. Ricoh Capital customers will also benefit from increased agility within their business and the ability to make purchasing decisions quickly.

The review and optimisation of the supply chain process resulted in Ricoh diverting stock management and distribution to Ricoh Europe’s operations in the Netherlands. As a result Ricoh SA gained savings of R100-million which will be reinvested into the business and provide infrastructure enhancements, social responsibility and skills development.

Source: IT-Online

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Global Market Espionage Update!

China Vs USA: The global market has engaged an economic war against China because China refuses to play by the rules of floating currency and because China seeks to monopolize the world's supplies of oil. China has over 20 of the world's population. China desires to be a superpower. However, they played with the world's currency and are now owe 1.8 trillion dollars by the western world, that is ... assets in the USA and international courts over their stealing of movies and music. It's estimate to be about $250 billion dollars a year. So over the last few years the damages would amount to almost all of China's foreign reserves. It also happens to be the amount of the initial bailout of the banks.
This is probably all a coincidence, but life is seldomly so.
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Crazee Breaks Down the CA Governor Race #3

5. Meg Whitman - Republican
You have a billion dollars. That's it. You have nothing else. You are one of the most annoying people on the planet. I wouldn't even want to sit next to you on the bus. But you'd never take the bus, would you? You'd take 3 limos and bill it to me. The world revolves around you and you should be governor because you spent $200 million on it and you deserve...xcellent stalker, I don't think she'd be a good governor. Carlos? Only if I wanted the whole state to turn into Tijuana.
Laura has a Green issue. Dale looks like he wants to wear a 6 gun side holster, get drunk and drive his pickup in someone's yard.
Jerry Brown? Has it come to this? How could I do it?
I'll decide at the polling place. Another one that is too difficult to call.

No. a patent represents a gadget (not knowledge)

Or potential gadget, and its value is extremely difficult to assess. Yes it can be assigned a value, but the cost of filing the patent is an expense -- not an asset. If a third party likes the patent for who-knows-why, then yeah selling the patent adds to your cash flow. Cash is an asset. As a particular inventor earns more cash by selling patents, then the value of his or her next patent may in...d then borrow against that intellectual property. Were that the case, I'd immediately be worth five-hundred quadrabazillion dollars (as would we all).
Of course, I think knowledge is a good thing, but it is not an asset, and it has no cash value. It may aid you in a market to make good decisions and find good people to help you, so in that sense knowledge is invaluable!
Ask your CPA!

Actually... not the whole truth

I guess I am wrong... asking for the reward makes you guilty of deriving a "benefit' from withholding the property and a textbook case that would make you guilty. You do need a lawyer.
I think the intent to safeguard the information contained in the machine from further damage to the victim, may earn you some points. if that were your intent, rather than to withhold the actual property, all I think you did the right thing. If it were tangible goods you were buying that would be one thing, but the valuable property here was intellectual, passwords, credit card numbers all sorts of personal info that could have caused far more harm to the victim if it got into the wrong hands. Unfortunately it's convoluted and you need a lawyer because it is a felony. You could face jail time.

Apple: Still Tops At The Top End?  — Seeking Alpha
To maintain margins, Apple is not only buying intellectual property (e.g., Anobit to improve margins on its NAND) but is making direct R&D investments intended to further differentiate Apple's product lineup. When asked about the growth of R&D to $80 …

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"The most valuable part of the business is the intellectual-property portfolio," Mr. Slusky said, adding that he would support further investments in buying intellectual property or developing more through in-house research. Meanwhile, Mr. Slusky said …

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