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Applying the Brand Valuation Standard – ISO 10668  November 25, 2017 – 05:19 am

The International Organization for Standards (ISO) released a new standard in the year 2010 which gives the requirements for monetary brand value measurement. The standard can be used for valuation of brand for strategic planning, accounting, legal transaction, MIS, etc. Prior to the release of the new standard by ISO, the valuation of any brand was always a questionable as the valuation outcome depended on the specialist choosing the methodology for the valuation.

Brand could be a  name, sign, symbol, logo and design or a combination of one or more of these to identify goods, services or entities.  Brand is one of the most valuable but least understood valuable assets of any entity. ISO’s attempt through ISO 10668 to provide a consistent, reliable approach to brand valuation considering the financial, behavioral and legal aspects is a welcome step that has to a great extent filled the vacuum of estimating the monetary brand value.

The standard requires the monetary brand valuation process to be transparent involving disclosure and quantification of valuation inputs, assumption and risks and carrying out a sensitivity analysis of the brand value to the main parameters used in the valuation models.

The standard defines monetary brand value as the economic benefit conferred by a brand over its expected useful economic life. The standard suggests three approaches for brand valuation.

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