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Branding for Investor Communication  December 9, 2015 – 12:46 am
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As most IR professionals know, branding is much more than a logo. Where investors are concerned, branding is essentially the way a stakeholder would describe your company to a potential investor. Brands can be influenced by actions and performance, and reinforced with consistent messaging.

Brand messaging should outline the driving force of the company, its basic values and goals. The aim of an investor brand is to put day-to-day information into context and help emphasize the big picture. This can sometimes make a difference in shareholder retention, especially in regards to retail investors.

In some cases, the brand messaging for investors and consumers may be one and the same. In other cases, there may be two separate but complementary messages, designed for different audiences. In consumer products, companies often see a need to develop unique messaging geared specifically toward investors. The consumer brand might focus on product quality, while the investor brand focuses on market growth or acquisitions. On the other hand, in a B2B context it may be appropriate to use similar brand messaging both clients and investors.

One exercise that can be helpful in determining how to focus your brand strategy for different audiences is to create a message map.

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The media isn't CAUSING shit. The media has for years been promoting RE, allowing the assholes in the RE industry to have a national forum to pump up their little pyramid scam. Now, the media is simply telling the truth. They probably feel guilty for having been accomplices in the crazy spike up. I laughed my ass off recently at a piece in the LA Times talkin' up RE and how it looks so good, whe.... the same house in Crazyfornia would be what? A mil? You think CA is so great? It's not. And SF most definitely is NOT all that. In fact, my girl and I go all over the state for weekend getaways, SB, SD, Yosemite, or even to Vegas, but we avoid SF like the fucking plague. Our one trip there was a huge letdown, and we never went back. You SF RE people just keep talking it up. Nobody's listening.

Prosecutors Lining Up Financial Crisis Charges

February 1, 2012, 1:25 PM
By David Benoit
It has been over three years since the infamous Autumn of 2008, and for much of that time calls have rung out from Congress, media members and activists to criminally charge the Wall Streeters that seemed to have taken advantage of what was, in hindsight at least, an incredibly gullible mortgage system.
Though there have been earlier ch...d guilty, colleagues at WSJ are reporting Wednesday.
The allegations get right at the heart of what many have been so angry about: that Wall Street got rich by selling what they allegedly fully knew were bad mortgage-backed securities. And because they sold those mortgage securities so well, their machine needed feeding, so more and more people wound up with mortgages they couldn’t afford.

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