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Retention Science Raises $1.3M From Mohr, Baroda, Double M, Angels  November 21, 2010 – 10:59 am
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Retention Science said it raised a $ 1.3 million seed round from Baroda Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Double M Partners and angels including Bong Koh of Lifecrowd, Clark Landry of GraphEffect, Kunal Anand, Mike Greenfield of Circle of Moms, and Paige Craig. Several Stanford Ph.D. data scientists from companies including LinkedIn, PayPal and IBM also participated. Retention Science, which comes out of the MuckerLab accelerator program, provides big data analytical tools for customer retention.


Retention Science Launches, Leverages Big Data to Maximize e-Commerce Customer Retention

MuckerLab Company Receives $ 1.3 Million in Seed Funding from Multiple Sources –
ddresses the Higher Costs of Customer Acquisition versus Retention

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (July 18, 2012) – Innovative big data retention marketing platform Retention Science launched today in order to provide e-Commerce businesses with actionable data analytics tools to cost-effectively prevent customer churn and encourage reengagement.

For marketers, customer acquisition often receives more attention and investment than customer retention, even though it costs several times more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Retention Science is fulfilling this oversight through its Customer Profiling Engine, a learning engine that uses algorithms and statistical modeling to build custom retention optimization strategies. The platform effectively reactivates customers before they churn to a competitor or simply lose interest in the company’s products or services. Analytics are performed in real-time to ensure up-to-date customer behavior predictions.

Source: Private Equity Capital

3COM Switch 8800 Network Monitoring Module
CE (3Com)
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Ciena Corp. struck a bad chord on Wall Street again Thursday, warning that its revenues next quarter would be much lower than the fiber-optics maker forecasted two weeks ago.
Two of the Linthicum-based firm's biggest customers canceled or delayed their orders Wednesday evening, causing a big drop off in expected sales, said Gary B. Smith, chief executive of the firm. Smith said he expects...ena plans to shore up eroding revenues is by diversifying its products and its customer base. Ciena primarily makes equipment for long-distance parts of its network, whereas ONI makes devices to transport data over shorter distances in metropolitan parts of the network — an area that is technologically more complicated, but potentially more profitable than the long-distance parts of the network.

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Enron was a creature of the global casino, which applied the techniques of the derivatives markets to the electricity and natural gas markets. Enron's rapid rise was made possible by the 'Wall of Money' that the Federal Reserve and its partners in crime have pumped into the global system since the cardiac arrest which seized that system in Autumn 1998, in the wake of the Russian GKO default and ...don LaRouche.
Instead of passing more laws to speed deregulation, Congress must admit that deregulation was a boneheaded idea, a poison pill destroying a vital segment of our infrastructure and opening the nation up to new and dangerous forms of looting. They must stand up, at long last, and admit what they have long known: Deregulation was wrong, and . Senator Daschle, are you listening?

Sorry this should have been the jp morgan story

As one of the top lenders to some of the biggest companies in the United States, the banking giant had exposure to the largest incidents to roil the markets in the past few months, including the bankruptcies of Enron Kmart and Global Crossing news, As well, its presence in Latin America made it vulnerable to the financial crisis in Argentina.
In mid January, J.P. Morgan Chase posted an une...ll. For the full year, analysts are looking for earnings between $2.38 per share and $3.40 per share, with an average of $2.86 per share.
'One thing that could lift them a little bit would be if there was some kind of recovery in their equity and M&A business,' Tierney said. He also said they need to show the merger is boosting business
'Let's see the evidence of the merger working.'

Mavs get Elton Brand cheaply; plans still in line  — ESPN
A source close to the situation says the acquisition of Brand has not diminished the Mavs' interest in power forward Luis Scola, just let go by the Rockets via amnesty. He has three years left on his deal and wouldn't seem an ideal fit on the floor …

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Customer Acquisition Strategy - Lead Conversion
Customer Acquisition Strategy - Lead Conversion
- Venture Capital - Steve Mitgang, President and COO of Pro Guide Direct
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