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Research In Motion At Waterloo: Prepare For Bankruptcy  October 1, 2010 – 09:33 am
Intellectual Property By Kofi Bofah:

Napoleon Bonaparte, who once lorded over all of Western and Central Europe, met his ultimate defeat at Waterloo. At Waterloo, it took the seventh coalition of 120, 000 men from various European states to destroy the French Empire and divide its spoils amongst themselves. Although Napoleon died in exile years later, history has rewritten events to identify Waterloo as the literal death of a movement that destroyed itself through sheer arrogance.

Today, Research in Motion (RIMM) is fighting a losing war of its own at its Waterloo, Ontario headquarters. Behind its 1999 BlackBerry release, Research in Motion grew to dominate the mobile sphere throughout the early 2000s. The BlackBerry smartphone quickly emerged as the ultimate accessory for IT directors, corporate bosses, and chic upwardly mobile professionals. January 9, 2007, however, marked the beginning of the end for RIM. On this date, Steve Jobs unveiled his Apple iPhone that still reigns supreme

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AOL Buys Games News and Info Site GameDaily

AOL Buys Games News and Info Site GameDaily; Transitioning AOL Games Into It [by Rafat]
GameDaily, which has been on the block for a while (ever since IGN sold to Fox Interactive) and almost got sold earlier this year to another company in LA, has been finally bought by AOL, from its parent company Gigex. Financial terms were not disclosed, but I’ll find out the range by...but also serving the trade via the GameDaily BIZ newsletter….People know when you say GameDaily, you’re talking video games. If you say AOL Games, depending on who you talk to they might be thinking casual, card and board games versus Grand Theft Auto or Halo 2. So picking up GameDaily gave us a very well established and well defined brand that will encapsulate all of our video game activities.”

Because it was a takeover

Not a merger (as even some of the BofA leadership thought at the time).
A carolina bank took over a SF bank and kept the brand.
but your myth is fun too.
there is plenty of information about the histroy of the take over (it's a legendary story in B-school and beyond) so if you're interested in some facts the Google-machine will help.
here's a quick reminder from Wiki (pic...purchase of BankAmerica Corp. by the NationsBank Corporation was the largest bank acquisition in history at that time. While the deal was technically a purchase of BankAmerica Corporation by NationsBank, the deal was structured as merger with NationsBank renamed to Bank of America Corporation, and Bank of America NT&SA changing its name to Bank of America, N.A. as the remaining legal bank entity

They have been under the same corp forever...

If you look under the Estee Lauder brand, they also have under their brand MAC, Stila, damn near everything under the sun etc. (which is why all of their products look the same or have similar properties). Shiseido also owns Nars (which if you noticed after the acquisition Nars started developing skincare and expanding their most popular products like blushes).
Funnily enough, for all of t...the cosmetics companies. Many times, an entire brand family will be produced from the SAME cosmetics manufacturing company with SIMILAR if not identical products just different packaging. Something to think about when you go to buy that Chanel, I looked in the catalog for the company that makes Chanel and the packaging Chanel uses isn't THAT expensive compared with the packaging of other brands.

Mavs get Elton Brand cheaply; plans still in line  — ESPN
A source close to the situation says the acquisition of Brand has not diminished the Mavs' interest in power forward Luis Scola, just let go by the Rockets via amnesty. He has three years left on his deal and wouldn't seem an ideal fit on the floor …

Warranties in Cross-Border Acquisitions (International Bar Association Series)
Book (Springer)
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Aquila: Google-Motorola Bid Says Megadeals Are Not Dead
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Aquisition of Rights In Intellectual Property
Aquisition of Rights In Intellectual Property

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