What is patent Business definition?

3 Catalysts For A Significant Rally In MGT This Year  August 21, 2017 – 02:04 am
A business method patent lets By Greg Miller:

Although few people sense the urgency to buy shares now, I expect MGT Capital (MGT) to provide double- or triple-digit returns this year, even if it ultimately loses its high-profile lawsuit against the casino industry. Just as biotech companies rally before major FDA decisions regardless of the outcome, MGT has defined catalysts in 2013 that will provide similar motivation for a speculative rally regardless of the outcome. In this article, I will explain the numerous reasons for a significant rally in MGT's share price during 2013, as well as the risks associated with this company.

MGT is one of the simplest stocks on Wall Street. In a nutshell, it turns patents into money. Specifically, it owns patents that it is selling ($6.8 million) and one patent that it is using to sue the casino industry (announced). It has no debt, fully million in cash, $6.8 million in stockholders' equity

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The reason why they get away with it is that

And you aren't.
You have to realize that you don't have all the answers nor all the knowledge here. The true immature one is the OP because you have to learn to choose your battles and it seems that this one happens over and over again.
We don't know a lot of the story here - what if the OP actually sabotaged something or even harmlessly forgot to do something on time? It's not managements fault there now is it?
You need to do some soul searching and really think - is it you or is it them? Usually it's both but it's usually more you than them because they stay and you go.

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