What is Knowledge Management Sveiby?

The intangible future  July 2, 2017 – 12:13 am

For two days I have participated on the 4th European Conference on Intellectual Capital at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. ECIC-confecere gathers both academics and practitioners together to discuss on the developments of that multidisciplinary research field – this time from 27 different countries. This was the first time to me to participate on this conference.

Opening Address by the Finnish goverment Minister of the Environment Ville Niinistö

The shared belief among IC researchers is that economies, especially in developed countries, are becoming more and more dependent on the production and utilization of intangibles, immaterial assets, since they are likely to drive the most radical innovative changes in the future. The burning question is, of course, how that immaterial knowledge capacity can be transferred effectively into wealth.

The first keynote speaker in the opening day prof. Pirjo Ståhle from Turku school of economics stressed the need for doing more research on the dynamics of how the wealth is actually, on a practical level, generated out of knowledge creation. The ways to measure intellectual capital are mostly based on aggregated macro-level indexes and measurements, in the spirit of economics tradition. The real challenge is both academic and political: although we know that intangible resources matter, how to communicate the need for investing on IC to politicians without knowing what are the actual contextual mechanisms that would generate wealth? (The other question is whether they would welcome the message anyway.)

Source: Petro Poutanen

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What is Knowledge management? Knowledge management is a process used to deliver improved performance within organizations by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and therefore offering a competitive advantage. This is done by identifying …

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