What is Knowledge Management Services?

MPI: Knowledge Management Service Delivery Manager  January 31, 2014 – 07:46 pm

Company: Manitoba Public Insurance
Position: Knowledge Management (KM) Service Delivery Manager
How to Apply: Online
Apply By: Jan 23, 2013

As the Knowledge Management (KM) Service Delivery Manager, you will be responsible for the effective development, management and distribution of corporate business information to staff and business partners related to the company’s products, services and business applications.

Directing the work of two managers and their teams, you will oversee the development and implementation of methodologies for technical communication, curriculum development, training delivery through new media, and collaboration tools and technologies including e-learning.

  • Direct the development and delivery of specialized training, technical communications and online business information.
  • Establish service level agreements and liaise with corporate stakeholders to develop strategic KM programs.
  • Establish a corporate process to prioritize work requests to ensure alignment of KM activities with corporate priorities.

Source: STC Manitoba

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The reason why they get away with it is that

And you aren't.
You have to realize that you don't have all the answers nor all the knowledge here. The true immature one is the OP because you have to learn to choose your battles and it seems that this one happens over and over again.
We don't know a lot of the story here - what if the OP actually sabotaged something or even harmlessly forgot to do something on time? It's not managements fault there now is it?
You need to do some soul searching and really think - is it you or is it them? Usually it's both but it's usually more you than them because they stay and you go.

Information/Knowledge Management analyst– Asset Management  — Asset Servicing Times

What is Knowledge management? Knowledge management is a process used to deliver improved performance within organizations by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and therefore offering a competitive advantage. This is done by identifying …

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