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Jeremy Hunt MP: A narrow focus on finance and targets was a large driver of the Mid Staffs tragedy  February 17, 2017 – 09:26 pm

HUNT JEREMY OPEN NECKED SHIRT Jeremy Hunt is the Member of Parliament for South West Surrey and Secretary of State for Health. Follow Jeremy on Twitter.

Robert Francis QC’s report into the appalling failures of care at Mid Staffordshire Hospital must mark a turning point for our NHS. It lays bare the dreadful neglect and mistreatment suffered by hundreds of patients between 2005 and 2009. It is truly shocking to read just how comprehensive the failures were right across the system – from ward to Whitehall. Hospital staff, managers, regulators and politicians all failed. It took the courage and determination of the families who had suffered so terribly to get the truth out.

I will need to study carefully all 290 recommendations before outlining our full response but as the Prime Minister said in his statement yesterday, the report makes some fundamental points about the culture of the NHS which apply well beyond one hospital. This needs to be a ‘never again’ moment for the whole health service.

It is clear from the report that a large driver for the awful events at Mid Staffs was the Board’s pursuit of Foundation Trust status under the last Labour Government, which led to a narrow focus on finance and targets at the expense of patients. It cannot be right for a Board to be more concerned with targets and finances than giving the most basic dignity and respect to patients. So we will create a single failure regime where the suspension of the Board can be triggered by failures in care as much as by failures in finance.

Source: ConservativeHome's Platform

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You can do just about Anything

There are SO many career opportunities once you have your nursing degree.
You can go into Pharmaceutical sales or clinical development, drug safety, clinical information management- this is all only in Pharma, you can check out jobs at biospace.com to see the full range.
Otherwise, you can go into legal nurse consulting (requires experience as a nurse) the insurance industry, cruise...e in this country start to deteriorate more rapidly over the next decade, you will have the knowledge to be able to "defend" your own family if they are ever ill-
God knows I would not leave my families bedside in a hosptial these days without my overseeing the nursing care- NOt that I don't trust or respect nurses, but the atmosphere we practice in promotes the chance for serious errors.

The reason why they get away with it is that

And you aren't.
You have to realize that you don't have all the answers nor all the knowledge here. The true immature one is the OP because you have to learn to choose your battles and it seems that this one happens over and over again.
We don't know a lot of the story here - what if the OP actually sabotaged something or even harmlessly forgot to do something on time? It's not managements fault there now is it?
You need to do some soul searching and really think - is it you or is it them? Usually it's both but it's usually more you than them because they stay and you go.

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What is Knowledge management? Knowledge management is a process used to deliver improved performance within organizations by encouraging the sharing of knowledge and therefore offering a competitive advantage. This is done by identifying …

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