What is Human Resources Management HRMS?

Online human resource management system  November 2, 2013 – 08:23 am
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A human resource management system (HRMS) refers to processes and systems at the intersection between information technology and human resource management, basically online HR. It merges the basic HR activities with the information technology discipline.
Online HR management system integrates the ground HR activities with an online support system that enables HR managers upload and update online databases in real time. Basically, the HR functions include tracking and updating employee data, which essentially includes skills, histories, capabilities, salary and capabilities.
Online HR management system is therefore an electronically automated system that eases the above named HR activities. The HR executives of an organization will in most cases rely on both internal and external IT professionals to develop and run and integrated HRMS.
A fully automated online human resource management system will aid perform most or all of the following functions:

Attendance and time management
Benefits administration
Performance appraisal
Recruiting and learning management
Performance record tracking and updating
Absence management

Payroll system for example, helps automate the pay process through gathering employee attendance

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