Selling patents to Corporations

Going Digital! Establishing an online presence for your community organisation  August 6, 2014 – 12:09 pm

It’s not just businesses that can benefit from a digital shopfront. Not-for-profit and community organisations can gain a lot from being online, particularly as that is where most Australians are now communicating and connecting.

Having an online presence can open up so many opportunities for community organisations. It can help you:

  • increase awareness of your campaign and communicate important messages
  • share documents and resources
  • sell products and services
  • collect donations
  • advertise events
  • recruit volunteers.

But anyone who has worked in a community organisation knows how challenging it can be. There is a lack of physical resources, including computer hardware and software, and a lack of finances to buy these resources. Community organisations also often face a shortage of resources in terms of man power and volunteers, which makes it difficult to implement and maintain the use of ICT systems. And even if you are lucky enough to have the hardware, software and the volunteers, there simply may not be the required expertise in the organisation to use these effectively.

Source: Adult Learning Australia

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General Patent Helps Victims of Patent Infringement
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Software Companies Face Threat Of Patent Infringement Suits For Overseas Sales 964231
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How to sell your inventions?

No, this isn't insider trading

Participation and knowledge of a company going public from private can be limited to whomever the then current ownership structure desires. If upper management is allowed to participate, and they most often are included, that's at the discretion of the current owners.
Underwriters really define the initial participation of ownership when a company goes public - who can buy and at what for key employees that do participate in an IPO as to how long they must hold shares before selling them. This is approximately 6 to 12 months following the IPO.
Insider Trading rules are targeted at already public companies and people trading on knowledge the investing public has no knowledge of. Those uniformed investors are harmed by insider trading because of their vested interest.

Another enron letter

Mr. Kenneth L. Lay
Member, Board of Directors
Enron Corporation
1400 Smith Street
Houston, Texas 77002
Dear Mr. Lay:
On August 29, 2001, Margaret Ceconi, a former manager for Enron Energy Services (EES), sent you an e-mail addressed to the Enron board of directors. In this 10-page e-mail, Ms. Ceconi made allegations of accounting irregularities and earnings lo...itle those persons and the resulting response.
Was Ms. Ceconi’s e-mail ever provided to anyone from Arthur Andersen? If so, please identify by name and title those persons and the resulting response.
Please give the name, title, and department of all other persons who were given the responsibility for investigating the allegations in Ms. Ceconi’s e-mail and the resulting responses.

There are ALWAYS some

Hiring. My advice is that you rewrite your resume and make the experience that you do have, even non-paid into several years of experience. You are probably selling yourself short; search your experience for relevant knowledge. Reorganize your resume to reflect a "project" organization rather than a job history b/g. Get creative - don't be afraid to put a lot of tech detail into your resume. I o... an interview and a job designing a whole new campus wiring system system, put in the first e-net over twisted pair in SD; I had NO experience in that field, but in the interview they decided that I could do it. That was a temp job but turned into a three year management position and a career in consulting in that area. Change it up and work a minimum of 8 hours a day at your search. Good Luck!!

$6 million ImClone stock sale routine

Until a few weeks ago, Dr. John Mendelsohn's name surfaced mostly in prominent medical circles.
Now the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center president is the subject of scrutiny as a board member for two companies mired in controversy: Enron Corp. of Houston and ImClone Systems based in New York City.
Both companies are being investigated by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and the ...ere misled.
'There's going to be a lot of inquiry and fact-finding going on,' he said.
Mendelsohn plans to stay on with Enron and ImClone. Serving on boards is important, he said, but he doesn't want to make more commitments now.
'I'm running a wonderful cancer center, and I have extra duties on these two boards,' Mendelsohn said. 'I've got plenty to do. Let's wait and see.'

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'Those that started on the new platform on Blog, ask and interpret the Brand Name 'Bachchan Bol' in own way ..let me explain .. Brand Name Blog is 'Bachchan Bol' .. nothing to do with the film with Abhishek. 'Bol' is Bachchan on line .. Cool eh !' he …

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Those that started on the new platform on Blog, ask and interpret the Brand Name 'Bachchan Bol' in own way ..let me explain ..Brand Name Blog is 'Bachchan Bol' .. nothing to do with the film with Abhishek. 'Bol' is Bachchan on line .. Cool eh ! (sic …

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