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A brief explanation of Creative Commons licensing, and its applicability in Indonesia.  October 2, 2012 – 08:03 am

Are you an artist? a writer? composer? or even a Businessman? . Whatever your line of work is, there’s a pretty good chance that in one point or another you might be starting to produce a worthy material that may present an economical value. If a real estate property have a certificate and a motor vehicle have vehicle ownership book, some other things are quite subtle and a specific rights are necessary in order to commercialize it, it’s called Intellectual Property Right.

One of the most popular kind of IP Right is Copyright, which means an executive rights to copy and produce a work and executing another derivative action, like importing and exporting a work, and sell or transfer the executive right to another party . This right are automatically given to the creator of the work if they can prove it and it’s already in its final form. Registration is not obligatory, but is recommended to prevent yourself from losing any dispute that may arise in the future.

Copyright are considered as a “Movable Goods“. it’s transferrable to another party. The mechanics of the transfer is executed through heritage, will, grant, or agreement. However, a person doesn’t have to own a copyright for a material to be able to use it for their personal gain. For such purpose, copyright owner could issue a License which is basically a permission by the owner to a licensee to use their licensed material in exchange to certain payment.

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Can Governments Learn?: Comparative Perspectives On Evaluation And Organizational Learning
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Thank you part one

Thank you for taking my questions seriously. I appreciate your very "professional" response, including the quotes and the "[sic]" added to avoid any misquotes or errors on your own behalf. I can tell that you are an attorney. I can tell you are an Intellectual Property Attorney, and i appreciate it. I considered it strongly when I graduated from college in 99.
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Author: Robert Welch
It is not likely that I shall say anything new here today. If I do, it will be of only minor significance. In all of my remarks, to paraphrase an old quip, the important will not be new, and the new will not be important. For statesmen, historians, and philosophers have been thinking, speaking, and writing on the general subject, of which my topic is a part, for nearly...rms of government man has yet devised. Our Founding Fathers thought so too, and the wisest Romans had already come to that same conclusion. So I am in excellent company. It is company which we hope more and more Americans will join. To that end we are saying everywhere we can, and asking all of you and tens of thousands to say with us: This is a Republic, not a Democracy. Let's keep it that way!

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In Defense of Participatory Economics
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"The Last Necessary Column On Politics
Fred Explains Practically Everything
January 6, 2005
In my capacity as Western Civilization’s principal moral compass and intellectual lighthouse, I thought I might explain politics once and forever. There are altogether too many television shows about politics, too many books by people who would better pass their time in drinking. the shrine of personal freedom, by which he means only his prerogative of making money regardless of damage done to others. He dislikes government as he dislikes anything that might inconvenience the pursuit of private rapine. He believes in the sanctity of private property, unless someone buys the lot next to his and builds a hog-rendering plant, when he will see the merits of zoning."

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