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How to sell knowledge management?
[November 16, 2012 – 03:20 pm]
How to sell knowledge management?

What’s the secret? How do we make things happen for our customers? Information is wonderful. Our information age surrounds us with millions of pieces of information. However, the specific pieces of information and the relationship of that information is more than just the web pages we browse, or the books we read, or the conversations we have. Sorting through mountains of data to collect pertinent facts empowering us to perform our jobs with increasing knowledge makes us valuable. Gathering information is good, but selecting the right information is gathering knowledge. My task…

How to buy service company?
[July 10, 2011 – 02:16 pm]
How to buy service company?

When you’re activating a new credit card, watch for “the pitch.” When you call to activate a new credit card, you may be routed to representatives who try to sell you things like “credit protection” or “identity monitoring” to add to your account. These services, or “add-on products, ” are additional, optional services that will cost you money. You don’t have to buy anything extra from the credit card company to activate your credit card. In some cases, the sales tactics may be high-pressure and confusing. Some things to ask yourself when you’re deciding whether you want add-on…

How to buy intellectual property?
[November 26, 2009 – 11:29 am]
How to buy intellectual property?

Today s exciting patent infringement news of the day comes courtesy of Computerworld, which reports that HTC -- which is being sued for patent infringement by Apple along with Motorola Mobility -- filed a counterclaim yesterday before a court in Florida. In its filing, HTC said that it had been assigned all rights, title and interest of a patent titled Installation of network services in an embedded network server that was originally assigned to HP. It said the same for another patent, Method and system for central management of a computer network that was assigned to Electronic…