Definition of non-physical resources

Response to the post on Mamamia (25 June 2012) on the 60 Minutes Grant Hackett interview  March 29, 2010 – 01:03 pm
Pictures The recent article by Mamamia Grant Hackett is ‘embarrassed’. But is he sorry? and the hundreds of comments received in response, raise a number of important issues in relation to the way that domestic violence is framed and responded to in Australia. As Australia’s only male-led campaign to stop men’s violence against women White Ribbon seeks to develop a better understanding of these important issues within the Australian community.
he issue of violence in our community is insidious and the White Ribbon Campaign has been developed because of the prevalence and insidiousness of men’s violence against women. Our community is no longer prepared to be silent about the destructiveness of violence that affects each and every one of us both directly and indirectly.
Domestic violence does not only refer to physical acts of violence. The definition used by White Ribbon is broad and includes a number of non-physical forms of violence:
‘Domestic violence is an abuse of power perpetrated mainly (but not only) by men against women in a relationship or after separation. It occurs when one partner attempts physically, psychologically and or emotionally to dominate and control the other.Domestic violence takes a number of forms. The most commonly acknowledged forms are

Source: White Ribbon

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Chomsky on the World Social Forum

Interviewing Chomsky
Preparatory to Porto Alegre
Compiled from diverse email and radio interviews in the week before the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
Why have you decided to participate in the WSF? What do you think of it?
Two meetings are taking place pretty much at same time. One is the Davos meeting of 'the masters of the universe,' to borrow the term used by th...its programs for militarization of space as necessary to protect US commercial interests and investments, pointing out -- accurately -- that in the past armies and navies were developed for the same purposes. The relations of the Bush administration with this sector are somewhat different than that of other presidents, but not much. All are committed to the same basic objectives of global contro

In Defense of Participatory Economics

In Defense of Participatory Economics
by Robin Hahnel, Professor of Economics
American University, Washington DC
In the shadow of the collapse of Communism, and very far from the public eye, a debate over what is a desirable economy has rekindled among a few who cannot convince themselves that human beings are not deserving and capable of better than capitalism. In the past de... industries the full social benefits of their innovation will be both realized and spread to all workers and consumers.
The faster the adjustments are made, the more efficient and equitable the outcome. On the other hand, the more rapid the adjustments, the less the 'material incentive' to innovate and the greater the incentive to 'ride for free' on the innovations of others. But a partici

Socialism as it was always meant to be

Socialism As It Was Always Meant To Be
by Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel
As the twentieth century draws to a close, what have we learned about how we should manage our economic affairs? What should we do if we had the opportunity to start again?
We could hold a lottery, or perhaps have a brawl to decide who owns what productive resources. The unfortunate losers would have to because the collapse of communism is incapable of reducing the liabilities of market systems that are becoming more rather than less apparent. Unnecessarily because socialism as it was always meant to be is not impossible. And unnecessarily because the vision of an equitable, democratic economy, generating increasing solidarity among its participants, is as attractive and appealing as ever.

Let's Talk about Israel: Noam Chomsky and Peace Prospects

Prospects for Peace in the Middle East
Noam Chomsky
Presented at the First Annual Maryse Mikhail Lecture
“No peace without justice; no justice without truth”
The University of Toledo, March 4, 2001
Thank you all. I’m really delighted to be able to have the privilege of opening the Maryse Mikhail lecture series. I wish I could open it on a celebratory note, but that ...e of Jerusalem, he can get support from the Arab states. On the issue of destroying the Palestinians, the Arab states don’t care one way or another. If they got rid of the Palestinians, they’d be happy—they’re just a nuisance, just as their own populations are a nuisance. So I presume that the reason that Arafat focuses on Jerusalem is tactical—that’s the one issue on which he can get support fr

Liberal and Conservative debate Racism

Tim Wise/David Horowitz Exchange on Racism
In September, 2000, Tim Wise, ZNet commentator, wrote an article called ‘Gore-Vey’, about Lieberman’s Vice-Presidential candidacy with Al Gore and the Democratic Party. David Horowitz, a prominent conservative, called Wise a ‘self-hating Jew’, and a debate ensued on an email listserve. The following is the exchange:
You're ...ople you hurt most, besides yourself, are
> black.
Gee...that sounds exactly like what I was going to say...
And in light of this last comment, wasn't it you that
called ME paternalistic a while back? But now you are the protector of black people
from the big bad 31 year old leftist who is too crafty and cunning for them to
realize my devious plans? Amusing...

Chipworks Brings Patent Licensing Experts to IP Business Congress  — Manufacturing Digital
Chipworks invites delegates to stop by their exhibit booth (#12) at IPBC to discuss ways in which the Company's patent evaluation and infringement analysis services can help strengthen semiconductor, systems, and software patent licensing positions.

Memjet Appoints Chief Patent Counsel  — MarketWatch
"Ben's deep experience in global patent evaluation, filing and maintenance will serve us well as we accelerate our growth and support our OEM customers in the commercialization of Memjet technologies." Memjet assumed control of its intellectual …

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