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Japan’s New Copyright Law Could Criminalize Downloading.  August 18, 2011 – 07:04 am

International Business Attorney According to this article from Wired, pirating DVD or Blu-ray disc could soon carry criminal penalties in Japan if proposed amendments to the nation’s copyright code become law.

Offenders could spend up to two years in prison or pay as much as two million yen (about $25, 400) in fines, according to CNET Japan.

As the article points out, downloading pirated media in the United States is a civil offense, not criminal. While one can be sued for damages, there is no criminal penalty for pirating media.

However, distributing copyrighted material without authorization can lead to criminal charges, just but not downloading.

The only member to object to the proposed law was Lower House member Takeshi Miyamoto, who stated:  “ The illegal flow of material is a problem, but rather than strengthening the penalties, we should bolster the deletion of illegally uploaded content.”

If approved by the upper house, the new law could be enforceable at the beginning of next year.

Click on over to Wired for more on the story.

Source: Japan Law Advisor

Where copyright meets the Internet: the Internet's freewheeling environment can lead to lax attitudes about stealing copyrighted materials. Companies ... An article from: Security Management
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