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Antigua Government Set to Launch “Pirate” Website To Punish United States  January 24, 2013 – 07:20 pm

antigua Antigua and Barbuda is a small country in the Caribbean that for years had a flourishing gambling industry.

A few years ago 5% of all Antiguans worked at gambling related companies. However, when the U.S. prevented the island from accessing their market the industry collapsed.

“What was once a multi-billion dollar industry in our country, employing almost 5% of our population has now shrunk to virtually nothing, ” Antigua’s High Commissioner to London, Carl Roberts, said previously.

Hoping to rebuild the gambling business Antigua filed a dispute at the World Trade Organization (WTO), which they won.

In 2005 the WTO ruled that the US refusal to let Antiguan gambling companies access their market violated free-trade, as domestic companies were allowed to operate freely. In 2007 the WTO went a step further and granted Antigua the right to suspend U.S. copyrights up to $21 million annually.

TorrentFreak is informed by a source close to Antigua’s Government that the country now plans to capitalize on this option. The authorities want to launch a website selling U.S. media to customers worldwide, without compensating the makers.

The plan has been in the works for several months already and Antigua is ready to proceed once they have informed the WTO about their plan. Initially the island put the topic on the WTO meeting last month, but the U.S. blocked it from being discussed by arguing that the request was “untimely.”

Source: TorrentFreak

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They also make bombs out of paper
Raj Patel
'A little fertilizer, some bleach and some hubcaps to put them all in, and you've got a bomb', he said. 'You can use frozen orange juice and slugs instead of bleach, if you haven't got any', he added helpfully. Sean, a towering neighbourhood 13 year-old fund of wisdom, confided secrets to me that he had cribbed at night from his father's As the Gandhians among us know, you can also make a weapon out of truth. To update Orwell, telling the truth is now a terrorist act. So if we don't become guerrillas armed with truth, satyagrahi? Well, then the real terrorists have already won.
Raj Patel is a co-editor of The Voice of the Turtle.
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Surfer stuns physicists w/theory of everything

In winter, he heads to the mountains near Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where he snowboards. "Being poor sucks," Lisi says. "It's hard to figure out the secrets of the universe when you're trying to figure out where you and your girlfriend are going to sleep next month."
Despite this unusual career path, his proposal is remarkable because, by the arcane standards of particle physics, it does ... go to convince the establishment, let alone match the achievements of Albert Einstein, the two do have one thing in common: Einstein also began his great adventure in theoretical physics while outside the mainstream scientific establishment, working as a patent officer, though failed to achieve the Holy Grail, an overarching explanation to unite all the particles and forces of the cosmos.

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I admire Ahmadinejad. Not as a politician: let the Iranians judge him on this merit. Not as a divine: I leave this to the Muslims. But as a true poet who unveiled our hypocrisy and slaughtered our last sacred cow. This is the only possible explanation of his deeds and words: Iranians have really no reason to care about the Jewish holocaust, one way or other. Nobody accuses them, not even Mr Yehu...l (among hundreds of others) he killed last week in besieged Gaza, all sat up and expressed their outrage. They did not object when Israel strafed and bombed defenceless Gazans. When Israeli politicians threatened to turn Iran into "radioactive desert", they did not describe it as "a call to genocide". By his challenge, president Ahmadinejad saved the honour of human race, as only a poet can do.

Well, no, you are

The Constitution makes clear, through the further explanation of specifically enumerated powers, what the Founders meant when referring to promoting the general welfare throughout the United States. The Founders meant by this defense of the nation, as discussed elsewhere in this Platform, and the preservation of the nation's economic integrity. Thus, this provision of the Constitution authorizes...artment, agency, or international body or organization. Additionally, the Constitution provides that Congress has "power ... to establish post offices and post roads," which suggests that to serve the end of the general welfare, Congress may appropriately construct and maintain an interstate highway system as necessary infrastructure for communication and transportation within the United States.

Chipworks Brings Patent Licensing Experts to IP Business Congress  — Manufacturing Digital
Chipworks invites delegates to stop by their exhibit booth (#12) at IPBC to discuss ways in which the Company's patent evaluation and infringement analysis services can help strengthen semiconductor, systems, and software patent licensing positions.

Memjet Appoints Chief Patent Counsel  — MarketWatch
"Ben's deep experience in global patent evaluation, filing and maintenance will serve us well as we accelerate our growth and support our OEM customers in the commercialization of Memjet technologies." Memjet assumed control of its intellectual …

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