Patent evaluation

 May 19, 2010 – 09:57 am

With the recent increase in patent lawsuits it’s always useful to be able to get the opinion of a third party on infringement claims.

We’ve recently been helping legal teams evaluate patent infringement claims and explain the technical concepts at a level legal teams are comfortable with. We aim to help legal teams construct a robust defence by increasing their understanding of the issues relevant to a claim within a few hours, and, if necessary, provide expert witness documentation to help with counterclaims.

If you’re part of a legal team involved in the evaluation of claim, and would like some technical assistance, please get in touch.


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Standardized testing

"But in the end we are all accountable for what we do in society. Why should teachers be exempt from this "fact of life"?
-There is one critical difference between the examples you listed and the concept of judging teachers by student test score: quality control. Passing the Bar exam after law school, surgical boards after med school, or any other professional test is strictly under the co... if these situations truly mimicked public schools, they would have no choice in the matter. They would HAVE to accept the interns, HAVE to let someone else argue their case.
Honestly, I'm not against fair evaluations. But you CAN'T pattern them after other forms of evaluation in which each individual is in charge of his own result, because that's not representative of the education field.

One of the main problems....

When doing a trial and error evaluation of which 'drug' is right for you is that we do not yet know enough about the individual genetic makeup of individuals to know who will respond to which chemicals.
Another problem is that docs pick out of their magic bag only the latest, greatest still patent protected, high dollar SSRI class of anti-depressant. For me, and my extended family, the healthier!
In closing, TELL your therapist that you have trouble relaxing and ask to be taught some physical relaxation methods that can start each session. Any competent therapist should be willing able to do this.
Good luck - but expect some pressure to stick with the SSRI's - educate yourself about them vs the tricyclics on the web before you go to your medication doctor again.

White House Attempts to Block Generic AIDS Drugs

Yesterday, the Clinton Foundation, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and malaria, and UNICEF announced plans to drastically reduce the costs of HIV/AIDS drugs, a step which could make treatment more widely accessible to people living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world. The announcement comes on the heels of the Bush administration’s failed attempt to discredit generic HIV/AIDS drugs at a mee...rn to the international community and immediately express unequivocal commitment to using Fixed-Dose Combinations and generic drugs," said Njogu Morgan, International Coordinator for TAC and spokesperson for PATAM, the Pan-African Treatment Access Movement. "Simple and affordable drug regimens will enable African countries to rapidly scale up treatment of HIV/AIDS and save thousands more lives."

Dissent in part

Claims are evaluated under a number statutory sections including utility; novelty; obviousness; and enablement.
If the Examiner believed that the invention could not possibly work as recited in a claim, he could reject it as lacking utility or enablement. However, while Examiners _can_ do this, very few are in a position to really conduct such an evaluation. In most cases, examiners don't ... enablement. Enablement refers to the ability of one having ordinary skill in the art to practice the claimed invention (i.e. as defined by the _issued_ claims) based on the technical material included in the specification (the more conventional narrative description portion of the patent). The ability of a skilled artisan to practice the invention necessarily implies that the invention "works."

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CoilChemLLC - Patented Delivery System.wmv
World Bank Publications Global Public Policies and Programs: Implications for Financing and Evaluation (Independent Evaluation Group Studies)
Book (World Bank Publications)
Telecommunications Legislation in Transitional and Developing Economies (World Bank Technical Papers)
Book (World Bank Publications)

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