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IP Education in Developing African Countries  July 19, 2011 – 03:05 pm
Non-Traditional Valuation Case

The lens through which to view IP in developing, African countries is seemingly cloudy and speckled with shades of gray. In these locations, IP may appear at the forefront or as a non-consideration in economic transactions. For example, while traveling in Moshi, Tanzania I noted bootleg DVDs and designer watches were available at a local, open-air market. Around the corner from the market, multinational corporations with core brands, such as The Coca Cola Company and Barclays PLC, were selling goods and services.This juxtaposition makes business decisions involving IP challenging for local companies and those considering foreign direct investments. As such, conversation and education regarding IP in the context of emerging economies is important. Fortunately, organizations such as Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) have aided in these necessary activities. Notably, LESI confirmed its commitment to IP discussion in emerging, African economies by hosting its 2010 annual meeting in Sandton, South Africa.  As globalization continues, countries with developed IP structures must participate in debate with African markets, providing value added perspectives and lessons learned from past mistakes and concurrently encouraging innovation.


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MyIPO to finalise training module for pioneer batch of IP valuers  — The Sun Daily
MyIPO's role includes strengthening the legal infrastructure of IP, enhancing the IP service delivery system, introducing IP Valuation and IP Collateralisation initiatives, acceding to the IP international treaties and promoting IP awareness among ...

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