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New directory lists movers and shakers in the business of IP  February 15, 2013 – 01:57 pm

IP WatchDog alerted us to Raymond Millien’s compilation of what he calls the “players” in the business of IP.  The article describes 19 different business models assumed by the companies listed in Millien’s 16-page directory of IP intermediaries in the US, and the directory lists companies and principals.

  1. Patent Licensing and Enforcement Companies (PLECs)
  2. Privateers
  3. Institutional IP Aggregators/Acquisition Funds
  4. IP/Technology Development Companies
  5. Licensing Agents
  6. Litigation Finance/Investment Firms
  7. IP Brokers
  8. IP-Based M&A Advisory Firms
  9. IP Auction Houses
  10. On-Line IP/Technology Exchanges, Clearinghouses, Bulletin Boards, and Innovation Portals
  11. IP-Backed Lending Firms
  12. Royalty Stream Securitization Firms
  13. Analytics Software and Services Firms
  14. University Technology Transfer Intermediaries
  15. IP Transaction Exchanges & Trading Platforms/IP Transaction Best Practices Development Communities
  16. Defensive Patent Pools, Funds and Alliances
  17. Technology/IP Spinout Financing Firms
  18. Patent-Based Public Stock Index Publishers
  19. IP Insurance Carriers

To the extent valuation analysts need to understand the various business models, both the article and directory are necessary and worth review.

Source: BVR's IP Management & Valuation Wire

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