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US warns Antigua and Barbuda over ‘piracy site’ plan  February 1, 2013 – 02:27 pm
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BBC: The US has warned Antigua and Barbuda not to proceed with a plan to run a legal “piracy” site. It follows a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling that the islands have the right to suspend US intellectual property rights. The permission was granted as a result of the US barring its citizens from using gambling sites based in the Caribbean nation. Antigua’s government says its goal remains a negotiated settlement.

However, its high commissioner in London added that the country reserved the right to carry out its threat. ”The highest trade body in the world, having reviewed the merits of Antigua and Barbuda’s case and its ability to recover from the negative impact of the USA’s unilateral and discriminatory actions, has made its ruling, ” Carl Roberts told the BBC. ”Antigua and Barbuda has always reserved its privilege to utilise its legal rights on international law. ”This is one of our options as we continue to seek a fair and equitable resolution of our case.”

He added that he objected to US’s description of the planned site – which would sell movies, music and games without paying copyright fees to their US owners – as being “government-authorised piracy”.

Tit-for-tat The dispute dates back to the 1990s when Antigua and Barbuda – a former British colony – made efforts to develop an internet gambling industry to help tackle a decline in tourism. It says its efforts were dealt a major setback by the US government’s efforts to enforce laws which Washington said made electronic betting illegal if it crossed state lines. Antigua complained to the WTO about the US’s actions in 2003 claiming jobs and income had been lost as a result.

Source: The Daily Catch

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