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Gambling, intellectual property rights and inflexible labour markets  February 13, 2013 – 11:45 pm
Intellectual Property Rights

Gambling, intellectual property rights and inflexible labour markets – all horrendous drags upon the dynamism of the economy. Western economies have grown flabby, lazy and there are too many hangers on. They talk a good talk, but the notion of free, fair and flexible markets is really a myth. Gambling in all its forms is particularly pernicious. The derivatives market which is not the real market for FX, equities, bonds and so on, but rather a market which is based on movements in the above, is little different from mainstream gambling markets, which are not markets in the ownership of horses (for example) but how horses perform or move relative to each other on the race track. The fact that this frivolous market that adds nothing to the economy has grown to over 10 times the size of the real (whole world) economy is quite frightening – and hasn’t really been addressed since the massive wake-up call of the collapse of Lehman brothers and its thousands of derivative contracts in 2007.

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Strategic Growth Advantages of the Shariah (part 3 of 4)

7) Gambling is prohibited

No Derivative or virtual economy leading to massive volatility in financial markets and which have spilled over into the real economy. Much of the need for many of the financial products that act as insurance to the volatility of the current economic approach is negated as the same degree of uncertainty does not exist with the Islamic economy.

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Southern Illinois University Press Intellectual Property on Campus: Students' Rights and Responsibilities
Book (Southern Illinois University Press)

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