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Knowledge Transfer Complete as Top Lawyer Explains Intellectual Property Rights to College Sector Staff  March 29, 2010 – 02:23 pm
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Listening to a lawyer talk about Intellectual Property (IP) may not be everyone’s idea of a ‘light’ lunchtime event but Alison Bryce , Partner at Maclay Murray & Spens made a potentially difficult area interesting with many examples of how IP impacts on business today.

Alison explained what IP is and why it’s important. “Creations of the mind” may sound vague but when it’s put in the context of the value of a company versus its assets then the importance of IP becomes all too clear.  Goggle was provided as an example.  With a market capitalisation of $140 billion, their tangible assets are worth £3.2 billion and the rest is attributed to its IP including the Google brand, trademarks, software, patents and copyrights.  IP has become the most important asset of this century and the currency of a knowledge based economy.

In times of recession businesses have to think more creatively about introducing new products and how to achieve cost efficiencies through technology.  Collaboration with educational establishments offers them access to research and the ability to work with experts across a range of disciplines.
How IP impacts on the education sector was the key question for the audience and the importance of understanding IP issues when working with business in knowledge transfer schemes.

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