Human Resource Management in Hotel Industry

Focus: HotelSwaps room exchange programme launched to allow the hotel industry to offer employee rewards  February 1, 2013 – 04:11 pm
Sorry, this item is not HotelSwaps, a new innovative hotel staff retention and incentive programme, has launched today at Hotel.Swaps is a worldwide membership network which allows hotel owners and managers to exchange their unused hotel rooms with other hotel members around the world for staff reward, incentive and training purposes. Hotels will deposit room nights during periods of their choice in exchange for points. These points can be transferred to high-performing employees who can in turn exchange these for free hotel stays at other member hotels.

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Routledge Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry: Strategy, Innovation and Performance (Routledge Research in Employment Relations)
Book (Routledge)

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The Hospitality Industry
The Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Management
Hospitality Management

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Cornell Hospitality
Cornell Hospitality
Importance of studying human resources
Importance of studying human resources
Anmol Publications Pvt Ltd Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry
Book (Anmol Publications Pvt Ltd)
Prentice Hall ManageFirst: Hospitality Human Resources Management & Supervision with Answer Sheet (2nd Edition)
Book (Prentice Hall)
Wiley Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
Book (Wiley)

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