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The Second Step  February 12, 2013 – 09:01 pm

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Indian women have come a long way since the days of exile in dark kitchens full of fumes of a coal fire. One of the foremost factors ushering this change has been the education of women. Gone are the days when a parent would plan the son’s education and the daughter’s marriage. Today in most urban educated homes,equal importance is given,or so I would like to believe,to the education of girls and boys. IN18-INDIA_LITERACY1_4793f So far so good. But still not good enough. Formally educating a girl is just the first step,not the final. The reason why I felt like making this point is that around me I see too many educated girls who have a college degree (something coveted in a place like the US I believe- but much too easily available in India) but have no clear idea about why they acquired it in the first place.

Years ago when I was in University pursuing a degree,one of my very catty and sarcastic classmates had made the point that the day we would graduate our “worth” in the ‘marriage market’ would drastically improve. I paid no attention then since I knew she was just being sarcastic and that none in my close friends group had any such perverted ambition. Years later today however when I am the mother of a college going girl,I am unpleasantly surprised to see that that tenet uttered years ago holds true for so many girls who are pursuing college / university degrees with no clear aim of using the education so acquired for the betterment of society,to do something outside the home,to give back to the society that nurtured them.

Source: The NRI - Non Resident Indian

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