Human Resource Development in Nepal

 January 1, 2013 – 06:25 am
ImageTable Human resource
S.No. Assignments No. of Assignments Clients/Donors
1 Project Concepts and Project Proposal Writing for NARC 1 DFID
2 Review of human resource development policies 1 MS Nepal
3 Long Term Agreement for the Provision of services to the “Developing National Capacities for Aid coordination and Management” 3 Ministry of Finance/UNDP
4 The Great Himalaya Trail Development Programme for Leadership Training and Mentoring 2 SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
5 Incorporation of Psychosocial Empowerment Approach in selected partner training centers to the trainees coming from vulnerable and underprivileged background 1 Effective Empowerment Project of SDC
6 Pre-job orientation training and workshop to newly recruited staffs 1 Association of District Development Committee, Nepal (ADDC/N)

Source: Alliance For Social Mobilization

South Asia Books Conservation for Development in Nepal
Book (South Asia Books)

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Participatory Forest Management: Implications for Policy and Human Resources Development in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas: Nepal Vol V
Book (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development)
Economic self-sufficiency and the effects of economic development on village housing in Nepal (Population and Human Resources Division Discussion Paper)
Book (World Bank)
Routledge Sustainable Development: Economics and Environment in the Third World
Book (Routledge)
Using human resources in natural resource management: Innovations in Himalayan development (Applied Anthropology Documentation Project)
Book (International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development)

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