Human Capital in Human Resources Management

His Excellency Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Visits Amherst  February 13, 2013 – 06:54 pm

On Tuesday night, a multitude of Five College consortium students, including myself, tromped through snow and icy sidewalks to hear the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Skaukat Aziz, give his take on world affairs. In a fairly full Johnson Chapel, the only prime minister in the history of Pakistan to ever complete a full term (2004-2007)  opened with, “you’re all excellencies!” With an eager audience at his attention, Mr. Aziz went on to speak about the general state of the world and U.S.-Pakistan relations.


In an intelligent and graceful manner, Mr. Aziz (who was also the Finance Minister from 1999 to 2007) repeatedly emphasized the globalized state of the world, the importance of economic growth across the world, and the benefits of destructuralization and change. Mr. Aziz promoted the developing economies of the world, saying, “When they do better, we all do better.” He explained that emerging markets prevent unemployment, which in turn take away incentives for civil unrest.

“The way to improve a country, ” he said, “is through structural reforms, which, done well, will succeed. It is like a treadmill: if you stand still, you will fall, and others will get ahead.” The former Prime Minister added, “Governance is not an easy task, ladies and gentlemen.” I think it is safe to say we all believed him.

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