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Dear Evil Skippy: Positive Evaluations, Paper Trails and Lawsuits  February 2, 2012 – 08:47 am
Dear Evil Skippy:

I was talking to a friend last night and her company got sued for firing someone who had received all positive performance evaluations. Subsequently the company now does only verbal performance evaluations so there is no paper trail. Is that legal?

–  L.D.

Dear L.D.:

Who cares if it’s legal?   It’s stupid.  It is also insulting to the supervisors since the company apparently assumes they have no qualms about committing perjury on the company’s behalf.

“Getting Rid of the Paper Trail” means the same thing as “We Have Something to Hide”.  Send that company a huge slap on my behalf.

–  Evil Skippy

Employers should always ask two questions before implementing any workplace decisions.

  1. Is it legal?
  2. Is it smart?

Too many leaders forget to ask the second one.

Paperless evaluations are not necessarily stupid.  What’s stupid is the company’s assumption that its managers and supervisors will lie.  There may not be a “paper trail”, but if a supervisor gave positive verbal evaluations to an employee who was subsequently fired – that supervisor should say so when testifying at a deposition or trial.  Going paperless does not change the facts; it just makes them more difficult to prove (for the company as well as the employees).

Source: Evil Skippy at Work

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That EEOC Article

Sounds hand written by the EEOC. The article is loaded with cases finding based on facts other than the language policy, e.g. "other incidents of discrimination."
As far as I know, these policies are absolutely fine as long as the company has a good reason, e.g. facilitating employee evaluation, customer service.
People speaking non-english rarely understand how much their behavior fosters suspicion of them. Immigrants really should speak the language if they intend to stay here, or move back if they don't like our language. It costs countless $$$ dealiing with people who don't know our language.

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