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Salesforce Just Made Another Quiet Acquisition  February 6, 2013 – 03:22 pm

shhhh-featureDon’t look now,but it appears that has made another quiet acquisition.

Word started circulating last night that Salesforce has quietly bought the French software firm EntropySoft. VentureBeat moved a story pointing to a LinkedIn profile of an EntropySoft sales exec who changed his profile.

This morning,there are a lot more LinkedIn profiles reflecting changes from EntropySoft to

Also this morning,there was this on the EntropySoft website:

Okay,then. Also,a Salesforce spokeswoman confirmed the acquisition. Obviously,there are no financial details.

So EntropySoft appears to specialize in management of Web content for enterprises. It is based in France,but has a team in the U.S. as well,and in 2011 closed a $3.5 million round of funding led by Alven Capital,a French VC firm. The company has reselling agreements with EMC’s Documentum,Symantec and Box,and counts French energy giant Total as a customer.

Obviously,it’s a small firm,and Salesforce appears to be going through motions similar to when it acquired the small Israeli data-mining startup BlueTail. It’s hard to know if this is a situation where Salesforce is acquiring for the talent,the product or both. The near-radio-silence from Salesforce’s official channels suggests that it’s more about the team.


Source: AllThingsD

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Well that depends on your definition of tangible

You can't touch software.
Basically, the OP stated that the mind or conciousness is not tangible. Conciousness is basically a program that runs on the hardware called the brain. If the mind is not tangible, then neither is software. In any reasonable definition of tangible, the mind and software have the same level of tangibility.
You might argue that software is stored as high and l... physical representation. You can copy a program from a magnetic disk to an optical CD. The physical representation has changed, but the software has not. You can envision the software running on an archaic computer of mechanical switches and relays. The same algorithms can run (albeit slowly), although the underlying structure is totally different. You don't even need to manipulate electricity.

Point is there IS a way to discern repeated spam

If you're not into software, I understand, it *was* pseudocode, which by definition of that term indicates a requirement on the part of the implementer to add their own knowledge to the actual coding effort...
THe entire point was this: There simply is a QUITE EASY WAY for Craig to block spam posts whose content is highly repetitive.
Will the filters need to rely on heuristic assessm...ate posting allowed" detection software IS ALREADY DEPLOYED on CL to block similar posts by the same user.
In fact -- you can't even post the same or a quite similar Rant on the RANTS-N-RAVES forum. You cannot post in LA, then try to post a similar posting in SFO's Rants-n-Raves. So the 'no duplicate posting' code is everywhere, why not here!

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