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Natura’s Transformation of Direct-Selling in Brazil  April 14, 2012 – 12:50 am

Despite the “doom and gloom” image that the media has been depicting for the direct-selling channel for beauty products in developed countries, the channel remains a dominant force for cosmetics in Brazil and continues to innovate itself to keep itself modern and relevant for the Brazilian consumer.

There are doubts whether direct-selling’s dominance in Brazil will be sustainable during the coming years. First, an estimated 36 million people are expected to rise to the middle class by 2014, and along with that brings more disposable income and less necessity for women to seek complimentary sources of income such as selling beauty products. In addition, shoppers are slowly becoming more sophisticated and demanding a higher degree of service and faster deliver time (direct-selling brands can take up to 30 days for products to be delivered to homes in Brazil). Companies like L’Oréal believe that these consumers will eventually graduate to more traditional retail formats for their beauty products, where they can receive help and guidance while shopping and can walk away with their purchased product in-hand.

Despite these predictions, direct-selling companies such as Natura continue to innovate in an effort to stay relevant to their customer. Natura was one of the first direct-sellers to create physical experience centers (called Casa Natura) to help consumers try their products before buying. Secondly, the company created regional versions of its sales catalogs with regional pricing, and product assortments catering to local tastes. Now, Natura is utilizing social media to once again transform itself, and launched a new tool to facilitate the search for a Natura salesperson, called “Aqui Tem Natura”, loosely translated as “Natura Found Here”. The app helps consumers locate a Natura representative among their friends (or friends of friends) using Facebook.

Source: Vivência

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