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US Patent History Updated  August 18, 2009 – 02:46 am
definition of patented Our paper “A Brief History of the Patent Law of the United States” has been updated to 2009. This paper looks at the history of the patent systems in general from medieval times forward with specific interest in the US patent system. Public perception of the patent system has swung widely over the years from highs, such as those in the late nineteenth century when Mark Twain could write "a country without a patent office and good patent laws was just a crab and couldn't travel anyway but sideways or backwards" to lows in the mid twentieth century when it could be written "the only patent that is valid is one which this (the Supreme) Court has not yet been able to get its hands on." The value and philosophical basis underpinning the patent system has been a matter for debate over the years and this paper examines not only the philosophical basis underpinning the world's patent systems, but also the specific history of the US patent system.

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In Defense...continued

But a participatory economy enjoys advantages in managing this trade off compared to capitalism. Most importantly, direct recognition of 'social serviceability' is a more powerful incentive to innovation in a participatory economy, which reduces the magnitude of the trade off since more innovation will occur in a participatory economy than in capitalism for the same speed of adjustments. Secondl... Economy. Forthcoming.
Levy, David. 1991. Book Review: Seeking a Third Way. Dollars and Sense 171 November 1991: 18-20.
Pramas, Jason. 1991. A Roundtable on Participatory Economics. Z Magazine July/August 1991: 73-74.
Weisskopf, Thomas. 1992. Toward a Socialism for the Future in the Wake of the Demise of the Socialism of the Past. Review of Radical Political Economics 24 (3&4).

In Defense of Participatory Economics

In Defense of Participatory Economics
by Robin Hahnel, Professor of Economics
American University, Washington DC
In the shadow of the collapse of Communism, and very far from the public eye, a debate over what is a desirable economy has rekindled among a few who cannot convince themselves that human beings are not deserving and capable of better than capitalism. In the past de... industries the full social benefits of their innovation will be both realized and spread to all workers and consumers.
The faster the adjustments are made, the more efficient and equitable the outcome. On the other hand, the more rapid the adjustments, the less the 'material incentive' to innovate and the greater the incentive to 'ride for free' on the innovations of others. But a partici

Deloitte & Touche LLP | OECD Releases Discussion Draft on Intangibles  — Linex Legal
The draft's broad definition of intangibles using a new, two-pronged test. The potentially controversial approach to identifying parties entitled to intangible-related returns. Identifying transactions involving the use or transfer of intangibles …

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