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Clear Job Definition in Human Resources  August 4, 2010 – 07:15 am
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Human Resources is a business function responsible for the clear setting of roles and responsibilities of the teams and the individual employees in the company. It has a powerful tool for this – the job profiles or job description.

Human Resources works with managers, it identifies the jobs conducted in the organization and it writes the basic set of job profiles as the employees understand their duties, their role and their value added to the organization. The job profile is extremely important, when the organization wants to build the high performance corporate culture.

But… a closer look to Human Resources usually shows the total mess inside Human Resources. The job profiles are not clearly defined, the employees do not understand, how they can make the next career step and they do not clearly understand, what they can decide and what has to be forwarded to the managerial level.

HR has to invest its time into clear definition of job profiles for HR staff. If interested, you can read more about HR Job Profiles.

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