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Getting executive buy-in is a sham  September 20, 2012 – 03:44 pm

It seems that every conference I ever went to on intelligence, foresight or research had a track about “how to get executive buy-in” or “how to get a seat at the table” or “winning over the C-suite.” Today, I saw an article on this topic for the 95, 000th time, and it occurred to me to finally crystalize my point of view on this.

Stop trying to get buy in at the executive level Stop trying to win over the C-suite, you are wasting your time. And definitely stop give classes, webinars, and conference tracks on how to do so.

Here’s why.

If we are going to generalize about executives as if they are all interchangeable – and lord knows, that is most of business literature – then there are only two ways to win the confidence of top executives:

1. Do a very good job for many people in the organization over a long period of time, such that your work is perceived to be trustworthy by people up and down the hierarchy.

Source: Eric Garland | future trend analysis, social change, economic shift

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Saturn V because there are not complete plans. A lot of how to build it was know-how in the minds of the people who worked on it. There's an archeologist who has actually been buying old Saturn spare parts from around the country just trying to learn how some stuff worked. Stick to what you know or go kiss some more big government ass.

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Your husband is a moron

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If you don't have any woodworking machines or knowhow, you should buy your hardwoods from a dealer. You won't be "saving money" by buying inexpensive junk from the big box stores. It won't go down right, it won't stay down right and it'll look like crap a few years down the road. (not to mention make it more difficult to sell your home)

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