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Nokia Lumia 620 Launch Delayed In India, Expected In First Week Of March  February 18, 2013 – 10:01 am

Back in January, Nokia India announced that its low-end Windows Phone 8 device Lumia 620 will be made available in early February. Nokia spokesperson has now confirmed that Nokia has delayed Lumia 620 launch in India to March first week. While the pricing of Nokia Lumia 620 is yet to be revealed, it will be available in Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White colors.

Delaying the much awaited device in a price sensitive market like India is a bad move from Nokia. I hope they will stick on to their current schedule now.


Source: WMPoweruser

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Book (International Franchise Association)

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The nuclear puzzle

Diplomatic sources in Tehran say that despite all the protestations, Iran's intentions remain unclear. There are two widely held and opposing views.
The first argues that Iran is cynically stringing out the negotiations to extract more economic concessions from the US and the EU that it desperately needs to support its sick economy. At the right point it will compromise.
The second is that Tehran is secretly working on a weapons acquisition program but won't declare its intentions until it has assembled the necessary technology and know-how. According to this theory, Iran would rely on the backing of Russia and China to head off any retaliatory action by the EU and US.

PatentBridge to Sell Patent Extending Retirement Account Duration  — MarketWatch
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