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How to See Your Work Through an Agent or Publisher’s Eyes  October 31, 2010 – 05:53 pm
Penguin Books 291 - A. J. A. Symons - The Quest for Corvo


You’ve just finished your umpteenth revision of your first novel and you’re riding high on endorphins. The passion and dedication that brought you to this feeling of achievement is palpable. If only you could crystallize this moment and remember the sensation forever. For a lot of writers, the achievement of finishing their manuscript is enough. Some will put their baby in a drawer. Others will self-publish and take their chances in an oversaturated self-publishing market.  But for those who still dream of a traditional publishing contract—their passion and dedication will need to carry them that much farther long after the endorphins dissipate.


The traditional publishing route today is an endurance run. It requires patience, persistence and professionalism. A lot of writers who have embarked on the traditional path to publishing—querying agents and acquisition editors—become impatient after six months or a year of trying to secure a literary agent or publishing contract. They see the allure of self-publishing and figure they can do all of the platform, marketing and promotion themselves. Who needs an agent these days, after all? For these writers, self-publishing is a viable short-cut to getting back to the rush of endorphins. But are they selling themselves and their work, short? And are they missing a crucial learning moment in their writing careers?

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